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Asia Online launches “Your Machine Translation Department” program

Asia Online launches “Your Machine Translation Department” program

Eliminates effort, empowers project managers to customize and control MT

SINGAPORE – April 25, 2014 — Today Asia Online adds a highly enhanced level of client service and control to its Machine Translation (MT) service with the release of the “Your MT Department” program.

The Your MT Department program is designed to ensure your project managers succeed in MT. The program is the result of six-month extensive consultations with existing users of MT and their project managers. The study identified key factors that make the difference between failing or minimal gains, and obtaining significant (150-300%) translation productivity gains with MT initiatives. The Your MT Department program addresses the key risks by building a low-effort bridge between project managers and Asia Online’s MT experts and technologies.

While Do-It-Yourself (DIY) MT vendors claim that MT is easy, they fail to mention that getting high quality output from an MT engine is difficult and requires deep expertise. More often than not, MT initiatives fail to deliver on expectations. Many LSPs and enterprises have tried to create high quality MT engines using DIY approaches based around low expertise, with most not achieving their quality and productivity goals.

Asia Online’s study revealed that the issue is not just one of technology, but also the lack of experience of project managers in implementing the processes needed to develop and fine-tune MT engines that provide the desired productivity gains.

The complexity of customizing MT to produce high quality output can be daunting. Achieving success with MT initiatives requires that project managers have extensive expertise and experience, including:

  • A deep understanding of the different approaches to MT and MT technology
  • A sophisticated understanding of the data used to customize MT
  • Knowledge that permits optimizing, managing, manufacturing and fine tuning of the data needed to deliver the highest possible quality
  • The ability to establish processes that provide an optimal path to ongoing quality improvement
  • Understanding linguistic feedback from translators and post-editors, and applying immediate corrective measures

These specialist skills are in short supply and not available to most LSPs or enterprises. Even at Asia Online these skills are only acquired after experience with thousands of MT initiatives and are lessons learned from trial and error.

“What has been missing until now is a way to deliver the benefits of high quality MT without investing in the long-term expertise building and skills development necessary to handle the complexity and effort needed,” said Dion Wiggins, CEO of Asia Online. “In addition to technology, it is essential to apply specialist skills and deep experience to the practice. These specialist skills can only come from experience developing thousands of engines across many language and data availability scenarios. This is what Your MT Department offers. It backs up project managers with the knowledge and experience they need to get significant productivity gains. It dramatically reduces the effort needed by project managers, and transfers that effort to Asia Online’s specialists.”

Asia Online is our machine translation department.
We rely on Asia Online’s technology and staff to help our firm deliver high-quality, responsive machine translation services to our clients.
– Scott Bass, CEO
Advanced Language Translation

The program will launch on May 1, 2014. There are two levels of service – a Standard Service and a Premium Service.

The Standard Service alleviates the need to have an internal MT department and specialists. Asia Online provides all the structure, methodology and resources needed via knowledge attained through the development of thousands of high quality custom MT engines. This allows project managers to focus on delivering results, while minimizing the effort, risk, investment and time necessary to guarantee high quality MT output from your MT engines.

he Your MT Department program Standard Service will be rolled out to all existing and new (Software-as-a-Service) SaaS based Language Studio™ customers in May, 2014. The Standard Service is provided at no additional cost to Language Studio™ customers.

The Premium Service is a customized offering that builds on the Standard Service to deliver a deeper range of client specific tasks, so that everything except for the deep language specific tasks are executed by the Language Studio™ Linguist team.

Wiggins, added “The Your MT Department program extends the degree of control and support available to our clients throughout the translation process. By working with clients in an integrated team we make producing high quality MT output easy and effective. Most importantly, we give clients and their project teams visibility and control over the outcome of their MT projects, ensuring performance and profitability.”

Key Take Outs:

  • High quality MT requires effort
  • A major reason for poor results is underestimating the complexity, effort and skills required
  • The Your MT Department program transfers effort from project managers to Asia Online specialists




About Asia Online Pte Ltd

Asia Online has developed the world’s first automated translation technology designed to translate content to near-human publication quality in more than 530 language pair combinations. Other legacy translation technologies merely seek to provide a general understanding or gist of the content that is translated, but they do not achieve either a publication level process or the translation quality required for publication. Asia Online works with language service providers and content publishers throughout the world using its unique infrastructure to facilitate the ongoing evolution of real-time corrective improvements aimed at delivering machine translation quality second to none. Its customer offerings include the Language Studio™ line of products and services.

Asia Online is a privately owned company backed by individual investors and institutional venture capital. Its corporate headquarters are in Singapore, and it has significant operations in Bangkok, Thailand, with R&D activities throughout Asia and expanding sales operations in Europe and North America.