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Welcome to our blog section where we have collated a range of blogs from different authors on themes related to machine translation, translation technology and application thereof.

If you are in the localization industry and are interested in understanding how you can benefit from machine translation while getting your staff ready, read the blog “Achieving an ROI from Machine Translation while Keeping Translators ‘Happy'” where our author discussed how LSP’s can achieve significant return on investment (ROI) from machine translation and at the same time keeping their staff happy. It addresses the problems which many LSP’s who are planning on applying machine translation as a strategic support tool are facing and discusses the importance of having a data and machine translation strategy for best in class MT output and ROI.

In the blog “No Data – No Problem” we discuss one of the most common  problems LSP’s are facing when starting to apply machine translation, which is what to do if there aren’t sufficient data or linguistic assets available to build a new custom machine translation engine.

One of our recent and popular blogs discusses “The State of Neural Machine Translation (NMT)” which is about the exciting and promising new approach to machine translation. Here Prof. Dr. Philipp Koehn gives a Technology Overview about neural machine translation and talks about its technical limitations with its advantages and disadvantages as well as its current deployment.

Finally, our latest blog is about Deep Neural Machine Translation (Deep NMT) and discusses the evolution of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and provides answers to common questions such as what the real factors are that affect the quality of the machine translation output and how to cater for that in your projects.