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E-Commerce Studio

E-Commerce Studio

E-Commerce StudioEmpowering Cross-Border Online Retail

Omniscien Technologies has developed a platform under the E-Commerce Studio brand to support the unique localization and data processing requirements of Online Retail and Online Travel clients aiming to operate cross language border. E-Commerce Studio provides a workflow which is designed specifically for these industries and which enables rapid deployment of high volume custom E-Commerce and Online Travel content localization.

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Advanced AI-Based Content Enrichment & Localization

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Penetrate New Target Markets & Tap the Full Potential

In a fast-moving industry like E-Commerce and Online Travel where high volumes of online content are constantly created and of which a large part needs ongoing update, human translation might not be an option for several use cases. Therefore, E-Commerce and Online Travel providers increasingly deploy machine translation to penetrate new target markets and to tap the full potential by approaching Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Serviceable Available Market (SAM).

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Specifically Designed for Online Retailers & Online Travel Providers

Omniscien Technologies’ platform E-Commerce Studio is tailored around clients’ application and perfectly supports the localization strategy of Online Retailers and Online Travel Providers. E-Commerce Studio can be deployed for various use cases including translation of user reviews and user generated content, product catalogues, online chat applications and much else. Furthermore, E-Commerce Studio can be utilized for sophisticated information processing in support of complex big data analytic solutions.

The solution for Online Retail and Online Travel Clients to make rich product content accessible to the world FAST.

Your Advantage

Analyze, tag and localize your online content and make them accessible in your target market instantly

Maximize the value of your product catalogue

Single platform and workflow for all content work

Cloud-based service for immediate deployment

Shortest time to service, highest ROI

Key Capabilities of E-Commerce Studio


     •  More than 550 global language pairs

     •  Best in Class AI-Based System Offering

– Millions of pre-loaded brands, products and key terms

– Automated reformatting to meet custom formatting requirements

– Automated metric recognition and conversion for hundreds of metrics

– Expert manufactured translation engines for best quality output and complete control of writing style


     •  Automated data pre-analysis

     •  Issue resolution, tagging and data preparation

     •  Automated translations

     •  Optional review and post-editing

Omniscien Technologies’ platform E-Commerce Studio provides a revolutionary, fast and cost-effective way of analyzing, tagging and localizing E-Commerce and Online Travel content for limitless cross-border business.

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