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Language Processing

Explore our Professional Language Processing Capabilities

The Omniscien Technologies’ solution portfolio is designed around specific vertical market requirements and use cases, employing Omniscien Technologies’ market leading technology components. These components include:

• Hybrid Statistical and Deep Neural Machine Translation technology
• Extensive Language Processing components
• Machine Learning
• Artificial Intelligence
• Data Manipulation
• Data Manufacturing components
and more


Whether it is Language Identification, Entity Extraction, Content Analysis, Complex Multi-Lingual Text Analytics, Automated Speech Recognition, Machine Translation, Machine Learning or any other Language Processing tasks –

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Omniscien Technologies has developed its advanced, language processing, machine translation and machine learning technologies under the Language Studio brand. Learn more about Language Studio here.

Language Studio offers a wide array of language processing and machine learning capabilities that can be used separately or fully integrated with machine translation and are all accessible through a single application programming interface. For complex workflows clients can utilize the Language Studio language processing library, LSScript, to quickly prototype and implement complex data manipulation workflows.

Examples of our language processing capabilities include:

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Capabilities

Language Identification: Identifying the language of an unknown text string

Sentiment Analysis: Providing a sentiment score of a particular text

Syntax Parsing: Grammatical analysis (phrase structure grammar) of a particular sentence

Term Extraction and Generation: Automatically extract predefined and relevant terms from a given text

Domain Identification: Identify the sphere and domain of a given text

Part of Speech: Identify the discourses within a text

Document Alignment: Alignment of bi-lingual data

Word Lemmatization: Separate words into the smallest individual grammatical unit and identify the class of these units

Word Stemming: Process a given text into separated words

and many more

Processing Capabilities

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Identify images and typed or printed text and convert into machine-encoded text

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

Recognizing and identifying text from speech

Handwriting Recognition

Identify handwritten text and convert into machine-encoded text

Address Translation and Name Transliteration

Convert and represent the characters of a given name or address by the characters of another language

Library of data manipulation, verification and conversion functions

and many more

These are just a few examples. We are continuously enhancing and refining our language processing tools. If you have specific requirements or want to find out more, please contact us as sales@omniscien.com for further information.

Your Advantages at a Glance

Wide array of language processing, machine translation and machine learning capabilities all in one single platform

Language Processing library of functions, scripting abilities and full job based processing

Our natural language processing and machine translation experts will advise, analyze and guide through the system integration process to ensure that your requirements are successfully fulfilled

Experience flexibility of choice, shortest time to service and highest return on investment

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