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Localisation Efficiency in the Media Industry

Localisation Efficiency in the Media Industry

Providing high-quality subtitles is a chief factor for the success of any media production; be it in support of imported content or for the hearing impaired. However, while providing good quality subtitles for the consumption of all age groups requires specific processes and expertise, increasing cost and time pressures must be taken into account as well.

Traditional (human only) creation of high-quality subtitles requires significant expertise and time – and associated to these factors, cost. Providing a good subtitle for any production starts with the creation of good content from the original source language such that all age groups can follow the production. In many cases this requires abbreviation of what is typically provided in the script or said on screen so that it can be read on the screen time at exactly the right time. If the source language is foreign, a translation process is required, which depending on the differences between the source and the target language, might require additional processing. For example, while translating a well formatted English subtitle to Spanish generally is a mere translation, a translation from English to a language such as Thai for example might end up needing adjustments due to the used screen estate. This process that traditionally relies very much on human only process and is both timely and costly, can be accelerated by Omniscien Technologies Media Industry Solution.

Understanding the Process and Optimization Potential

While subtitling industry experts rightfully point out that creating good subtitles is an art, this does not immediately mean that technology cannot be applied to the process and that the highest possible quality is always required or desired. But to understand the optimization potential, it is key to understand the basic process first. On the contrary, this four-step process can be significantly optimized by technology. The four key steps and their potential for optimization are the following:

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