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Language Studio for Media & Subtitling


Language Studio for MediaOur platform, Language Studio, enables you to increase your productivity and reduce cost by utilizing functions to create subtitles from screenplay and media files as well as translating subtitle content using our custom subtitle machine translation workflow. Language Studio is a single platform for Language Processing, Machine Translation and Machine Learning. Expedite the time to market of your media content through the application of our cutting-edge technology.

At Omniscien Technologies we understand your requirements and know how to enable successful application of machine translation for subtitle localization

Subtitling content is unique and more complex than other kinds of text. General, standard machine translation has proven not to be viable for localizing this type of content. The reason for that is because in order to translate subtitles successfully, complex data processing is required. It is as much a data processing task as a translation task. Read our white paper on “Effective Application of Machine Translation to Subtitling Localization” to find out more or contact us at sales@omniscien.com for an individual consultation.

Language Studio for Media Capabilities

Subtitle Creation:

Automated, AI assisted extraction of dialogues from screenplays and storyboards

Cross-referencing the extracted dialogue with the multimedia content of the movie to create subtitle synchronized timestamps

Automated, AI assisted subtitle creation without screenplays using speech to text and complex media analysis and language processing

Subtitle Translation:

Translate thousands of subtitles a day to a wide range of languages in no time. Check our language pairs here.

Drastically increase the productivity of your subtitle translation process

Use your translation assets to further customize and improve the system’s performance and adjust it to your custom needs

Enrichment and Meta-Data:

Extract rich meta-data by analyzing you data and enhancing it through simple application of ready to use natural language processing and machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI) workflows

Your Advantage:

Shorten your time to market through automated workflow and support for subtitles

Reduce your cost for subtitle creation and translation

Measure your team’s productivity improvements and oversee job status

Enrich your movie database with meta-data

Benefit from the latest technology based upon innovative Language Processing and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a most effective subtitle creation and translation process.
Contact us for an individual consultation at sales@omniscien.com