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    The integration of Language Studio™ with XTM gives our customers the benefits of specialist high quality machine translation, greatly improving translator efficiency.
    –Bob Willans, CEO, XTM
  •  Omniscien Technologies is proving to be a solid partner to Sajan. They share the same commitment to innovation and remain focused on a singular goal, to bring value to our customer.
    –Shannon Zimmerman, CEO, Sajan
    On completion of the initial pilot project in Simplified Chinese, it was determined that Language Studio™ provided a 60% cost saving and a 77% time saving when post-editing based on the client’s own metrics and validated by Sajan’s technical team.
    –Iñaki Hernández-Lasa, Solutions Architect, Professional Services, Sajan
  • We found that 52% of the raw original output from Omniscien Technologies had no errors at all – which is great for an initial engine.
    –Kevin Nelson, Managing Director, Omnilingua
    The final translation quality after post-editing was better with the new Language Studio™ custom MT engine than the competitor’s legacy MT engine
    and also better than a human only translation approach.
    –Kevin Nelson, Managing Director, Omnilingua
    Terminology was more consistent with a combined Language Studio™ custom MT engine plus human post editing approach.
    –Kevin Nelson, Managing Director, Omnilingua
  • We spent a lot of time looking at whether or not to implement MT before choosing Omniscien Technologies as our partner. Omniscien Technologies convinced us with their competency, their very fair business approach and of course the amazingly high quality machine translation output.
    — Michael Oettli, Managing Director, next level globalization
  • We have worked with several machine translation vendors but we found Omniscien Technologies to be the best match.
    –István Lengyel, CEO, Kilgray
    Omniscien Technologies machine translation functionality is an extension to human translation, a real productivity booster for organizations that care about translation quality.
    –István Lengyel, CEO, Kilgray
    We find the clean data story extremely compelling, especially because our users are generating content through human translation which always creates high quality clean data.
    –István Lengyel, CEO, Kilgray
  • We carried out some research and decided to choose Omniscient Technologies Language Studio™ ahead of other MT solutions, due to the outstanding translation quality of its customized engine, and its cost-effectiveness.
    –Dmitry Ulanov, CTO, Janus
    Both the English-Russian and Russian-English MT engines, on which we worked with the company, give great output, and we intend to develop our co-operation with Omniscient Technologies further.
    –Dmitry Ulanov, CTO, Janus