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Solution Partners

Integrated Partner Solutions

With focus on our clients’ requirements, Omniscien Technologies and our strategic partners have developed integrated solutions to meet various business needs and support our clients in achieving their goals. By combining Omniscien Technologies’ strengths in Language Processing, Machine Translation and Machine Learning with our partners’ best-in-class technology and services capabilities, clients can benefit from a top-notch end-to-end, joint solution.


Our Solution Partners

Basis Technology

Basis Technology has been at the forefront of natural language processing for over 20 years. With its robust toolkit for processing language, documents, and names, Rosette®, Basis Technology provides text analytics, information extraction and deep intelligence to global customers in government, finance, eDiscovery, search, social media, and beyond. From the joint collaboration between Basis Technology and Omniscien Technologies comes out a fully integrated and near real-time text analytics and machine translation solution.

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KeenCorp provides a 24/7, real-time measure of employee engagement through a software that combines an artificial intelligence platform with psycholinguistic analysis to detect tension variations in written communications. Its revolutionary approach to measuring employee engagement opens up opportunities across a number of business areas ranging from Employee Engagement to Change and Integration, Governance and Risk right to Acquisitions and Investment. By joining forces with Omniscien Technologies, KeenCorp’s innovative solution can be enriched and more rapidly be adapted to specific domains.

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