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Product Preview Webinar

Title: Preview of Omniscien Technologies’ New Products and Features
Presenter: Dion Wiggins
From June 1, 2018, Omniscien Technologies will begin releasing a range of new products and features. In this webinar, Dion Wiggins, Omniscien Technologies’ CTO, will provide a preview of our latest products, including live demonstrations of each product.


Language Studio™ Enterprise Translation Server is a secure on-premise translation solution designed for modern organizations that have significant information privacy and data security requirements or which need to address information and translation related compliance issues including those related to the new European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force on 25 May. Under the GDPR, sending personal data to public translation providers such as Google may be a serious violation of the law which could result in sizable fines, not to mention litigation for breaches of contract, confidentiality and intellectual property rights. One way organizations can protect their data and avoid such risks is by implementing an on-premise, state-of-the-art Neural and Statistical machine translation system that allows them to keep their data within their own networks and under their control.
Select from hundreds of pre-trained industry specific Hybrid NMT/SMT engines or customize your own MT engine for your unique content and writing style. Shipped as a Docker container, organizations can be up and running with their own secure translations in minutes.
We will provide a live demonstration of the core features, including integration with Microsoft Office, memoQ translation management system and a simple customizable intranet web-based translation page.

Media Studio™ offers the TV, Film, Video, Media and OTT industries a revolutionary new web-based subtitle management system and subtitle editor that is fully integrated with machine translation, automated transcription of videos to create a source template and automated dialog extraction from screenplays, scripts and storyboards. Supporting TTML and SRT formats, this fully web-based HTML5 system tracks subtitle editing and creation in real-time with comprehensive metrics, reporting and management oversight.
We will explore the core features of Media Studio™ from the perspective of a subtitle project manager and a subtitle editor, demonstrating how media processing organizations and media related language service providers can dramatically increase their productivity and lower their costs related to subtitle creation and translation.

E-Commerce Studio™ is a novel approach to product catalog translation that provides comprehensive product analysis, translation processing and editing tools.
E-Commerce Studio™ automatically recognizes over a million product and brand names right out of the box, and it converts complex metrics ranging from EU-US shoe sizes, ring sizes and distances to live up-to-date currency conversions. Product catalog translations are fast, reliable and efficient. Translate product titles, descriptions, features, box contents, bullets and reviews for a fraction of the cost and time of human translation, while maintaining human translation quality. Taking your products across language boundaries, accessing new countries and markets and reaching new buyers has never been easier!

Language Studio™ REST API 5.0 is the latest version of our REST API for software developers and integrators that provides programmatic access to the Language Studio platform.
A range of new features include access to a wide range of NLP functions, translation management, data processing and more.

Language Studio™ Drop Folders is a simple yet powerful feature that is installed on-premise to send files to and from Language Studio without the need for any coding or integration. Simply configure a folder to be watched and set the action that needs to occur when a file is copied (dropped) into that folder. Relevant actions include either submission of files to translate or run a Language Studio Script.

Language Studio™ Script and Language Studio™ Tools provide a comprehensive automation workflow for processing text, images, video, audio and other content formats.
Automate translation processing, file preparation, file cleaning, file conversion and other complex data processing. Automatically determine the language, domain, encoding and other key attributes of text and files. Extract named entities, sentiment and other metadata with just a few lines of code.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018
Date & Time:
09.00 ET / 14.00 BST / 15.00 CEST / 20.00 ICT

Note: In the coming days Omniscien Technologies will also be releasing some new information privacy and data security initiatives that will affect the way we send information to you. Stay tuned for more information.