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What domains are supported?

What domains are supported?

What domains are supported?

Many MT systems will offer domains such as Automotive at a high level. With Language Studio we do not see this high level of focus as enough to deliver near-human quality automated translation output. A fully customized engine within Language Studio will support granular sub-domains that focus on writing style, preferred vocabulary and target audience. For example Automotive Marketing is very different to Automotive Technical Service Manuals and Automotive User Manuals.

Building and expanding Omniscien Technologies constantly evolves its Foundation Data (Industry Engines), improving the quality and vocabulary range supported by Language Studio and is progressively building and expanding Industry Engines data in 12 domains in order to make it easier for any of our customers to start building their own high quality custom machine translation engine.

The following Industry Domains are being progressively developed and expanded upon:

  • Automotive
    Workshop manuals, training manuals, technical papers, user manuals, marketing documentation

  • Banking and Finance
    Product marketing, communications, research, regulatory documentation

  • eDiscovery
    Processing of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) from a range of ‘native’ formats for legal or data mining purposes

  • Engineering and Manufacturing
    Process documentation. product literature, research materials, regulatory documents, training manuals, technical papers and user manuals

  • General
    General purpose, not domains specific. Use this industry engine if none of the other Industry Domains match your desired content domain. This domain provides a solid base upon top of which any other domain can be built.

  • Information Technology
    User manuals, technical manuals, technology marketing, software strings, product briefs, knowledge base.

  • Life Sciences
    Medical, Healthcare, Informed consent forms (ICFs), Instructions for use (IFUs), Patient-facing materials, Product literature, Research materials, Regulatory documents, Training manuals, Technical papers and User manuals

  • Military and Defense
    Aerospace, military, defense and information sources of interest to national security

  • News and Media
    News, publications, commentary, blogs and freeform text, and media such as song lyrics and subtitles

  • Patents and Legal
    Patents, intellectual property, legal contracts, commercial terms, licenses, policies, deeds

  • Politics and Government
    Policy, governmental proceedings, eGovernment documentation

  • Retail and eCommerce
    Product Catalog, Customer Support, Retail Marketing

  • Travel and Hospitality
    Travel, hotel and restaurant related descriptions, reviews, menus and bookings