Human Language Technology
Human Language Technology
Enhanced by
Artificial Intelligence

Automation Technologies that
Augment Human Intelligence

Machine learning enables machines to work more like humans
so that humans don't have to work more like machines

Media Studio with 3 Screens
Media Studio Logo
Project Management,
Subtitle Creation,
Editing and Translation

Artificial Intelligence applied to media processing workflows increases productivity, accuracy and throughput.

Language Studio Logo
Hybrid Deep Neural
Machine Translation

On-Premises or in the Cloud, Language Studio offers unprecedented translation quality, flexibility and security.

Translate via REST API, Intranet Portal, Hosted Web Portal, Microsoft Office, popular Translation Management Systems and partner software.

Secure By Design
Microsoft Office Ribbon Bar Integration
Workflow Studio
Data Workflow Automation and
Natural Language Processing

High-performance, scalable, big-data workflow technologies that integrate language processing and analytics, data-mining and data cleaning into a single, seamless platform.

Data Pipeline
Data Pipeline
Customize your own Machine Translation Engine

Control writing style, vocabulary choice, terminology, context and much more.
Other MT systems try to produce output that is understandable for "gist" purposes.
Omniscien engines are designed produce output that requires the least amount of human effort in order to publish.

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Introducing Omniscien Technologies

Enterprise-Class Neural Machine Translation and Language Processing Technologies

Human Language Technology Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

Omniscien products, automation technologies, and language processing solutions augment human Intelligence. Underpinned by state-of-the-art machine learning and artificial intelligence, we enable machines to work more like humans so that humans don’t have to work more like machines. Omniscien’s Enterprise Machine Translation software provides a core architecture for neural machine translation and custom machine translation engines that are adapted and optimized for specific purposes such as subtitles, captions, patents, automotive, and life sciences.

Explore our Latest Products

Explore Our Latest Products

Enterprise-class machine translation, natural language processing,
media and subtitle processing and language workflow solutions
powered by artificial intelligence.

Building on over 14 years of success in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation, our products deliver unrivaled industry specific translation quality and unique tools to meet specialized language processing requirements.

Language Studio

Hybrid Deep Neural
Machine Translation

600 Language Pairs
14 Industry Domains
Hybrid Deep Neural and Statistical
Machine Translation
Custom Translation Engines
Cloud Hosted or On-Premises
Metrics and Measurement
Scalable to Billions of Words/Day
Data Synthesis & Manufacturing
PDF, MS Word, HTML, Text, and many other document formats.

Media Studio

Subtitle Optimized Machine Translation
Subtitle Editing and Quality Assurance
Directors Script Extraction
Automated Glossary Creation
Master Template Creation
Automated Transcription
Source Language Template Creation
Metrics and Measurement
Editor Performance Analysis

Workflow Studio

Data Workflow Automation &
Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing
Workflow Automation
Task Tracking and Monitoring
Data Mining and Extraction
Data Analysis
Language Identification
Named Entity Recognition
Sentiment Analysis
Terminology Extraction
Document Alignment
Sentence Alignment
Data Cleaning

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Subtitle Optimized Machine Translation delivers
higher quality
more consistent
translation output than a human only solution.

Machine translation is not a replacement for humans. It is a productivity and quality enhancer that lets skilled professionals focus on the more important elements of subtitle translations.

Translators, Editors, Reviewers and Project Managers all work collaboratively on the same file at the same time.

Subtitle Optimized Machine Translation Desktop
Hybrid MT
Hey! Did you know that you can more than double your productivity with machine translation when it is optimized for purpose? 👍👍👍

Artificial Intelligence Built for Smart Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence Built for Smart Language Processing

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Translation

Data is the Fuel that Powers Artificial Intelligence

Data is the Fuel that
Powers Artificial Intelligence

Built on the world’s leading translation, language processing, workflow automation, and artificial intelligence technologies.

Translation and language processing technologies have evolved substantially over the last decade. The Omniscien team has been at the forefront of research and development, leading the way with a comprehensive set of integrated tools, features, and technologies that are powered by and drive artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Naturally, Omniscien tools and technologies are heavily reliant on high-quality specialized data to power our platform and technologies. Because we understand the importance of high-quality data, the Omniscien team is dedicated to breaking new ground with novel research and approaches to creating, mining, harvesting, synthesizing, and manufacturing data. Omniscien has built a variety of powerful tools for data creation, preparation, and analysis.

Behind many of the tools design is Omniscien’s Chief Scientist, Professor Philipp Koehn who leads our team of researchers and developers. Philipp is a pioneer in the machine translation space, his books on Statistical Machine Translation and Neural Machine Translation are the leading academic textbooks globally on machine translation. Both books are available now from or leading book stores.

Philipp Koehn

Professor Philipp Koehn,
Chief Scientist,
Omniscien Technologies.

Neural Machine Translation - Philipp Koehn - Book Cover
Statistical Machine Translation - Philipp Koehn - Book Cover

State-of-the-Art Machine Translation

Secure Cloud, On-Premises, and Data Center scalability.

At the heart of all of Omniscien’s tools and products is state-of-the-art machine translation technology. Developed and refined for over 14 years, the Omniscien team has continually strived to innovate and deliver the highest quality translation output and most flexible machine translation platform.

Language Studio provides specialized machine translation engines for use in Media Studio and Workflow Studio that are optimized for a specific purpose such as subtitle translation. The complexity and power of these purpose-optimized workflows and machine translation engines are hidden away with easy use tools and user interfaces. 

Performing a translation is simple and easy. However, when you want to take control, Language Studio provides workflow scripting and many more features that place you in the driving seat. 

No matter your performance and scalability need Language Studio has a platform edition to match. Language Studio provides a wide range of machine translation options and features to cover even the most complex of business use cases. 

Custom Machine Translation Engines

Customize to your own writing style, vocabulary, and context.

Generic translation systems such as Google are designed to deliver a gist or general meaning for anything, anytime, and anyone so that text can be understood.

Being able to understand is just not good enough at Omniscien!!

Our goal is quite different with a much higher quality bar. Omniscien customized machine translation engines are designed to deliver a translation output that requires the least amount of human effort in order to publish. When translation quality directly impacts the bottom line and accuracy is important, a custom MT engine will always deliver the highest quality translation output.

Specialized Industry Domains

Quality is delivered by a better understanding of context.

Unlike a human, machines cannot understand context (yet). The simple phrase “I caught a virus” could refer to your personal health or to your computer. Context can change the meaning to something totally different. Industry domains provide the context needed for higher quality translations.

By training MT engines with the high-quality bilingual data that contains the correct context, the context of the resulting translations is conveyed and the quality of the translation is notably better.

Specialized Workflows Driven by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

Different business requirements can only be optimized by specialized workflows and adaptation of tools and processes.

Omniscien products, such as Media Studio and Language Studio, are optimized and built for purpose. The tools that we use are available and can be readily adapted to meet many different business needs. Our expansive library of language processing tools, workflow automation technologies and artificial intelligence solutions provide a unique platform from which to build specialized solutions.

The Omniscien team will work with you to build workflows for language processing, voice recognition, optical character recognition (OCR), data mining, data analysis, and data automation or you can leverage our technologies to build your own solutions.

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