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Professional Custom Machine Translation, Language Processing and Machine Learning Solutions

Select from our vertical market solutions, or create a custom workflow

Process your data in a single, professional and highly secure platform

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Create Your Custom Workflow

Language Studio offers the industry’s widest range of machine translation engine customization options plus a wide variety of language processing and machine learning options that allow you to build your custom workflow on a single, secure platform. Choose one from the many “off the shelf” SMT or hybrid NMT Industry engines, NLP functions and machine learning models to instantly auto-train an engine or create a custom workflow and run instantly in Language Studio Cloud.

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Select Your Deployment Model

Language Studio offers a wide range of deployment models to suit your requirements. Language Studio Cloud is the perfect choice if you want to get started fast with low start-up cost. Or opt for Language Studio Enterprise for a highly secure private cloud or on premise deployments. For small- to mid-size Enterprise deployments we offer Language Studio “IN-A-BOX”. Check out our special vertical solutions for specific vertical markets like E-Commerce and Media.

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Choose your engine type depending on your project demands and select from one of more than 550 language pairs supported by Language Studio. For an urgent project that does not need customization Language Studio provides “off the shelf” INDUSTRY Engines in 13 industry domains. For fast customization, you can opt for an auto-trained BASIC Engine, built on top of an INDUSTRY Engine using it as a foundation, or, to deliver the highest possible translation quality, our PROFESSIONAL Custom Machine Translation Engine would be the best choice for you. PROFESSIONAL Custom Machine Translation Engines are an expert guided comprehensive customization that is based on collaborative effort between Omniscien Technologies’ Language Studio Experts and the user, and expands the features offered in a BASIC Custom Machine Translation Engine. Each engine has a uniquely tailored Quality Improvement Plan that defines the steps that will be taken to customize the engine. All is designed to fit your project needs – The choice is yours!

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Gain Insight

Use our wide range of language processing and text analytic functions in Language Studio to perform advanced data mining and processing. Using Omniscien Technologies’ advanced API functions and scripting language, you can quickly assemble a custom workflow from available building blocks and process large amounts of data effectively.

The Omniscien Technologies’ Product Family

Language Studio

Language Studio is a mature and modular platform, currently in its fourth major release. The platform is available as secure cloud-based service under the Language Studio Cloud brand for customers that require short time to service and prefer subscription model, or as private cloud licensed offering (Language Studio Enterprise), as well as on-site installation for high-volume and specialized applications environment that requires the highest security measures. For customers with Enterprise level content and document localization needs, Language Studio is also available “IN A BOX” as an appliance based solution.

E-Commerce Studio

E-Commerce Studio is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of Online Retail and Online Travel clients aiming to operate cross language borders. To support the unique localization and data processing requirements for these industries, Omniscien Technologies has developed E-Commerce Studio, a platform that provides a workflow designed specifically for E-Commerce and enables rapid deployment of high volume, custom E-Commerce localization. E-Commerce Studio enables effective new market entries in a matter of weeks, including any required and/or desired customization.

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