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Achieving an ROI from Machine Translation while Keeping Translators “Happy”

It would seem a paradox that LSP’s can achieve significant ROI from Machine Translation (MT) and keep localization staff happy. While seeking efficiencies in business right from the early days of the industrial revolution has always resulted in shifts of where human efforts are applied and these changes don’t come easy, most staff members presented with machine translation output for post-editing are frustrated mainly at the poor output they are presented with. Poor output can even go as far as for example wrong domain-specific output which will likely force an editor to rewrite significant sections of a document and negatively affect both ROI as well as staff motivation.

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Deep Neural Machine Translation

Deep Neural Machine Translation is a new technology based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is an extension of Neural Machine Translation (NMT). Both use a large neural network with the difference that Deep NMT processes multiple neural network layers instead of just one. The result: The best machine translation quality ever experienced – and customized to your unique needs.

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