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Fast, secure, scalable, high-quality deep neural machine translation and custom machine translation engines

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Language Studio Product Overview

Enterprise-Class Neural Machine Translation and Custom Machine Translation Engines
Human Language Technology Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

Language Studio is a mature enterprise-class modular machine translation and language processing platform. Language Studio leverages the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence and state-of-the-art Deep Neural Machine Translation (DNMT / NMT) to deliver high-quality automated translations in near-real-time for chat and discussions, and batch mode for document processing. Language Studio enterprise machine translation software platform is designed specifically for security, data privacy, flexibility, scalability, and control. 

Language Studio provides enterprise-class machine translation and language processing using state-of-the-art technologies based around artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. Language Studio translations are powered by Omniscien Technologies’ state-of-the-art Hybrid Neural/Statistical Machine Translation technology that leverages the strengths of both technologies to deliver high-quality, best-in-class, translations.

Get started quickly by selecting from hundreds of off-the-shelf pre-built Industry Engines that are ready-to-use. For the highest quality, create your own custom Deep Neural Machine Translation Engine using Industry Engine domain data as a base from which to build upon.

Language Studio integrates the power of Workflow Studio functionality directly into the translation workflow for intelligent pre- and post-processing of data, in addition to during the translation process to provide unprecedented control and flexibility.

Language Studio is available as a Secure Cloud-based service hosted by Omniscien or can be deployed within your organization’s data center, on-premises, or private cloud as a simple stand-alone Enterprise Translation Server. For organizations that need to scale, Language Studio Data Center Platform scales to meet any demand, with proven installations that translate billions of words every day.

What is New in Language Studio 6.0

We are accepting a limited number of beta users during the beta period. Sign-up now to get early access before the full release.

Some of the many new features and updates include:

  • 5 x Faster Translation Speed
  • Updated User Interface
  • Machine Translation Engine Assembler
  • Expanded Translation Workflow
  • Improved and Extended Translation Runtime Rules
  • Advanced-Data Preparation Tools
  • Multi-Domain Custom MT Engines
  • Enhanced Confidence Scores
  • New Translation Sources (Dropbox, FTP, AWS S3, Email, etc.)
  • Expanded NLP Processing Features
  • Integration with Workflow Studio

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BETA Testing

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Media Studio 2 Editions

Three Platform Editions
to match different business needs

The Omniscien difference is that our products are built on a successful track record of over 14 years developing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Translation, and Natural Language Processing technologies.

Language Studio Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud

Designed for Language Service Providers (LSPs) that use Translation Management Systems (TMS), occasional/ad hoc users of machine translation, and users that want a full software-as-a-service (SaaS) machine translation platform, Language Studio Secure Cloud is hosted by Omniscien and offers a vast array of industry machine translation engines and custom machien translation engine features. Language Studio Secure Cloud offers all the core processing functions as both a REST API and via a comprehensive web portal.

Language Studio Enterprise Translation Server

Enterprise Translation Server

Designed for organizations that require an on-premises or private cloud translation environment, Language Studio Enterprise Translation Server is an enterprise-class machine translation platform that provides affordable, high-quality, state-of-the-art neural machine translation via REST API for application integrations, and a friendly intranet/extranet portal translation page. GDPR compliant and secure by design, scale from one to many servers within your own network, keeping all data in your control within your office network.

Language Studio Data Center Platform

Data Center Platform

Designed for organizations that need to scale, Language Studio Data Center Platform includes all the functionality of Language Studio Enterprise Translation Server with the addition of being able to scale to process billions of words per day. Scaling up and down on-demand is managed via API and management consoles. Each core processing function is independently load balanced and scaled, with fault tolerance, redundancy, alerts, and monitoring built into the platform for smooth operation. Carrier-grade machine translation has never been easier.

Basic Feature Summary

Language Studio is built around a core set of basic features. Each category below has many advanced features that enable Language Studio engines and workflows to deliver higher quality translations and provide more control. The Detailed Feature List provides more a comprehensive overview of the advanced tools and technology included in Language Studio and Workflow Studio platforms and tools.

3 Editions to Fit Every Organization

Different business use cases require different deployment models and features. Recognizing this, Language Studio is available in 3 editions – Secure Cloud hosted by Omniscien, Enterprise Translation Server for on-premises enterprise use and Data Center Platform when on-premises MT engine training and large scale is needed.

Compliance Ready - Secure, Private and Accessible by Design

At Omniscien Technologies, we understand the value of data security and privacy, and the role that it plays in compliance. Language Studio is a world-class infrastructure platform designed to ensure that your data is protected. Language Studio is GDPR compliant and all data is stored with 256-bit AES encryption, segregated by each client in different storage locations, transmitted via SSL, and further protected by an iron-clad contract that stipulates that your data and intellectual property will never be shared or used for any other purpose than it was intended.

The Omniscien team follows the principles of Secure by Design for all of our products. This ensures that the best practices in security and data privacy are followed and built into the system architecture and development processes.

Language Studio is deployed around the world in organizations that demand the highest levels of compliance, security, and data privacy. Trusted by banks and financial institutions, law firms, large multinational enterprises, governments, intelligence and defense departments, and many others, your organization can process data through Language Studio with peace of mind.

Language Studio is also the only WCAG 2.1 WAI-AAA compliant enterprise-class machine translation platform, meeting the latest accessibility compliance regulations.

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State-of-the-Art Translation Technology

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is the latest start-of-the-art translation technology and while much acclaimed, it still has some limitations that have yet to be overcome. Language Studio provides a hybrid model that integrates the strengths of traditional Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) with Deep NMT to produce a notably higher quality translation than either technology alone.

When combined with Workflow Studio, advanced language processing further extends the uses for machine translation.

State-of-the-Art technology does not stop at translation runtime and workflows, some of the most advanced features are packed into our tools for creating data and training Custom Machine Translation engines.

With nearly 600 language pairs supported, Language Studio boasts the most extensive coverage of language pairs of any commercial machine translation platform.

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Economical and Flexible Billing Models

Billing models vary by edition to match different business needs. Language Studio Secure Cloud is available as a pay per use subscription, based on processing volume. Language Studio Enterprise Translation Server and Data Center Platform are available as an annual subscription with unlimited translation volumes. All platforms have no per-user costs or software restrictions.

Off-the-Shelf Industry MT Engines

Translation quality is improved with context. Pre-built industry engines can be used off-of-the-shelf to translate immediately or the data can be used as a base to build your own custom MT engines.

Industry domains include Automotive, Banking and Finance, eDiscovery, Engineering and Manufacturing, General Purpose, Information Technology, Life Sciences, Military, Intelligence and Defence, News and Media, Patents and Legal, Politics and Government, Retail and eCommerce, Subtitles and Dialog, and Travel and Hospitality.

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Powerful Custom Machine Translation Engines

Custom machine translation engines deliver notably higher translation quality than generic or industry translation engines. Runtime customization features such as that provided by glossaries provide limited control but when more control of writing style and vocabulary is needed a custom machine translation engine built on data that is matched to the purpose that the translations will be used for will deliver the highest quality and require the least amount of human effort in order to publish.

Simply upload your existing translations and click “Train” for a Standard Customization or work with the Omniscien team for a Professional Guided Custom MT Engine where we will synthesize, gather and create data for you.

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REST APIs, Connectors, and Workflows for Easy Integration

Connect your applications via a comprehensive REST API or plug directly into leading Translation Management Systems (TMS) and third-party applications with pre-built connectors.

Language Studio Enterprise Translation Server and Data Center Platform include the full functionality of Workflow Studio to enable complex Natural Language Processing (NLP) in your language processing workflows on-premises or in your private cloud, with a runtime-subset available in Language Studio Secure Cloud.

Language Studio Edition Core Feature Comparison

This comparison table provides a summary of core features that are available in each edition of Language Studio. Explore each edition in more detail by clicking on the  Learn More  links under each product or request a demo.
 Language Studio Secure Cloud
Secure Cloud
Language Studio Enterprise Translation Server
Enterprise Translation Server
Language Studio Data Center Platform
Data Center
Deployment Options
Hosted by OmniscienTick
On-Premises / Private CloudTickTick
Docker ContainersTickTick
Billing Options
Volume Discounts
One-Time, Monthly / Annual Subscription
Software SubscriptionTickTick
Runtime Translation Features
Secure and PrivateTickTickTick
Small to Mid-Sized Translation VolumesTickTickTick
Large Translation Volumes
Billions of words per day
Configurable Runtime Translation Steps and WorkflowTickTickTick
Configurable Pre/Post Processing WorkflowsTickTick
Runtime Glossary and Domain SwitchingTickTickTick
Translation Confidence Scoring and Quality EstimatesTickTickTick
Industry MT EnginesTickTickTick
Custom MT Engines
Custom Machine Translation Engines
Standard Custom MT EnginesTickTickTick
Professional Custom MT EnginesTickTickTick
Document Formats
Microsoft Office and Open OfficeTickTickTick
General Document Formats
Translation Memory Formats
Adobe PDF and Image Translation
Fully integrated ABBYY FineReader OCR
REST APITickTickTick
Third-Party Connectors
memoQ, SDL Studio, SDL WorldServer, XTM, MemSource, Catalyst Secure, etc.
Drop FoldersTickTickTick
Configurable Intranet/Extranet Portal
Your logo, colors, branding and styles.