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Omniscien Technologies offers a wide range of services to support your needs, incuding linguistic support machine translation expertise custom development advisory and training

At Omniscien Technologies we understand that requirements differ and achieving maximum business benefit from your machine translation investment may require a bespoke, custom approach.

Omniscien Technologies has designed a range of machine translation services as well as language processing and machine learning services designed to support your project from inception, design, building through operating.

Contact us so we can help design a custom solution for you!

Machine Translation Language Studio
Data Processing and Manufacturing Professional Engines
Systems Integration API, TM and CAT
Cloud Systems Operation Language Studio Cloud & Private Cloud
Training Custom Workshops

Our Services

Omniscien Technologies offers you the ability to use Language Studio as your Machine Translation department. In case you don’t have your own machine translation and natural language processing experts, you can rely on us as your outsource MT department to do the job for you.


Need to understand how to best implement MT in your environment? Wondering what the Omniscien Technologies’ MT Maturity Model could do for your organisation? Our consultants will work with you to analyze and improve your process so you can maximise your MT ROI.

Training & Labs

Do you need to understand how to apply Language Studio effectively? Or are you trying to ensure your team really understands Machine Translation and can apply it effectively? Omniscien Technologies offers a range of workshops and trainings to meet your needs.

Systems Integration

Do you need to integrate your translation workflow with Language Studio? Or do you have a custom integration challenge? Our team of experts will assist you in devising, designing and implementing the right solution.


Do you require a dedicated Language Studio but don’t want to invest too much time to manage it since this is non-core to your operation? Omniscien Technologies offers you the ability to outsource the operation of your system to our experts who will keep your system up 24/7.

Data Manufacturing

There are cases where clients don’t have the required data to build a high-quality engine, or cases in which they need a new language pair or have other bespoke requirements. Data Manufacturing is a unique capability that Omniscien Technologies has perfected over the years – and all these skills are at your disposal.