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Webinar Review: Rise of the Machines: Balancing Language-Related AI Opportunities and Risks

This was a VERY good webinar! I made a habit of attending one webinar a week and this one really stands out of everything I attended this year.

Dion & Philip are very complementary. Your warnings were loud and clear, and beyond any doubt true as well. (It’s also what I’ve been telling my team: be careful with whatever you send out to these big companies!)

– Gert Van Assche, CTO, Summa Linguae Technologies

Webinar: Rise of the Machines: Balancing Language-Related AI Opportunities and Risks
Securing the Future of Generative AI, Machine Translation, Speech Recognition, NLP and AI Augmented Processes
Tuesday 25 April 2023

“We have always pioneered advanced solutions to enhance our offerings, and our deployment of the new Language Studio NMT capabilities extends our existing partnership with Omniscien Technologies. It provides us with the ability once again to establish our leadership position in the industry and provide a unique, high-quality offering to our clients.”

– Eric van Stegeren, Senior Director Technical Solutions and Managing Director of LexisNexis IP Solutions


“Language Studio from Omniscien Technologies has served us well over the years, and the addition of NMT allows us the flexibility to select the best technology for the job dynamically, be it SMT, NMT or a combination of both. This represents a unique opportunity to achieve far better quality translations and solutions as part of our products.”

– Laura Rossi, Manager Language Technology Solutions at LexisNexis IP Solutions

“We have worked with several machine translation vendors but we found Omniscien Technologies to be the best match.”

– István Lengyel, CEO, Kilgray


“We find the clean data story extremely compelling, especially because our users are generating content through human translation which always creates high-quality clean data.”

– István Lengyel, CEO, Kilgray

“The integration of Language Studio with XTM gives our customers the benefits of specialist high quality machine translation, greatly improving translator efficiency.”

–Bob Willans, CEO, XTM

“Language Studio has enabled improved efficiency and translation quality, which in turn allows us to better meet our client demands, without adding the overhead of additional human resources.”

— Joaquim Alves, CEO, JABA Translation

“We spent a lot of time looking at whether or not to implement MT before choosing Omniscien Technologies as our partner. Omniscien Technologies convinced us with their competency, their very fair business approach and of course the amazingly high quality machine translation output.”

— Michael Oettli, Managing Director, next level globalization

“We found that 52% of the raw original output from Omniscien Technologies had no errors at all – which is great for an initial engine.”

— Kevin Nelson, Managing Director, Omnilingua

“The final translation quality after post-editing was better with the new Language Studio custom MT engine than the competitor’s legacy MT engine and also better than a human only translation approach.”

— Kevin Nelson, Managing Director, Omnilingua

“Terminology was more consistent with a combined Language Studio custom MT engine plus human post editing approach.”

— Kevin Nelson, Managing Director, Omnilingua

“From a business perspective it was clear that outsourcing to an expert was a better strategy than a DIY struggle, and I would say that our investment in Language Studio technology was one of the best technology investments that we have made.”

— Simon Bratina, Executive Technical Director, IOLAR

“Some of the very technical segments were better quality than what our human translators were producing.”

— Simon Bratina, Executive Technical Director, IOLAR

“Omniscien Technologies is proving to be a solid partner to Sajan. They share the same commitment to innovation and remain focused on a singular goal, to bring value to our customer.”

– Shannon Zimmerman, CEO, Sajan


“On completion of the initial pilot project in Simplified Chinese, it was determined that Language Studio provided a 60% cost saving and a 77% time saving when post-editing based on the client’s own metrics and validated by Sajan’s technical team.”

– Iñaki Hernández-Lasa, Solutions Architect, Professional Services, Sajan

“We at Hunnect Limited have been working with Omniscien Technologies since June 2011. They have helped us to create and train a machine-translation engine for English-Hungarian. Their knowledge of MT solutions and demand for high-quality data meant extremely valuable support to our team. We are grateful for their excellent service and we are looking forward to continuing our cooperation in the future!”

– Sándor Sojnóczky, Managing Director, Hunnect

“After evaluating a number of MT solutions, Omniscien Technologies stood head and shoulders above any other, the length and breadth of their solutions, in-depth knowledge, experience and support made our decision very easy.”

– Tom Crowe, Development Director, any translation

“Due to the level of control and the higher quality of Omniscien Technologies machine translation output, Any Translation can confidently pursue much larger projects and strategic accounts with confidence that we are the supplying the best solution and the most competitive bid.”

– Tom Crowe, Development Director, any translation

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