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Industry Domains / Stock Engines

14 Industry Domains to use as off-the-shelf machine translation engines or as a base for customizing your own MT engines.

Machine translation quality is improved by better understanding of context. Industry Domains help with setting the appropriate context and bias within a translation. Unlike humans, machines cannot understand context (yet). The simple phrase “I caught a virus” could refer to your personal health or to your computer. Context can change the meaning to something totally different. Industry domains provide the context needed for higher quality translations.

Each Industry Domain is built on a base of millions of high-quality bilingual sentences that are relevant to the context that they represent. Each individual sentence has been processed using a series of analysis and quality validation tools that ensure that only high-quality translations are used to teach the artificial intelligence base neural and statistical models.

By training MT engines with the high-quality bilingual data that contains the correct context, the context of the resulting translations is conveyed and the quality of the translation is notably better.

Start Translating with an Industry Domain Engine

Select from any one of the hundreds of ready-to-go pre-built specialized Industry Domain MT Engines and start translating immediately.

Each engine is built on hundreds of millions of high-quality bilingual sentences that are tuned to the industry. The Omniscien team is adding new industry domain engines progressively across each language pair based on popularity and demand. With hundreds of language pairs and domains available already your domain specific transactions you can start translating immediately.

Use Industry Domain Data in Your MT Engine

The same data that Omniscien uses to train Industry Domain MT Engines is available to train your own custom machine translation engines.

Combine Industry Domain Data to your own data, and synthesized data from your Professional Guided Custom MT Engine. Omniscien experts fully understand the Anatomy of a Great Custom Machine Translation Engine and work with you to quickly organize and create the data needed to build a high-quality machine translation engine that is optimized to match your specific requirements. 

Select from Any of the Below 14 Industry Domains

Automotive Domain


Workshop manuals, training manuals, technical papers, user manuals and marketing documentation

Banking and Finance Domain

Banking and Finance

Product marketing, communications, regulations, market research, application forms and customer correspondence.

e-Discovery Domain


Processing of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) form a range of “native” formats for legal or data mining purposes.

Engineering and Manufacturing Domain

Engineering and Manufacturing

Process documentation, product literature, research materials, regulatory documentation, training manuals, technical manuals and user manuals.

General Purpose Domain

General Purpose

General purpose, not domain specific. Use this Industry Domain if none of the other Industry Domains match your desired content domain. This domain provides a solid base upon top of which any other domain can be built.

Information Technology Domain

Information Technology

User manuals, technical manuals, technology marketing, software strings, product briefs, and knowledge base.

Life Sciences Domain

Life Sciences

Medical, healthcare, Informed Consent Forms (ICFs), Instructions For Use (IFUs), patient facing materials, product literature, research materials, regulatory documents, training manuals, technical papers and user manuals.

Military, Intelligence and Defense Domain

Military, Intelligence and Defense

Aerospace, defense, military, intelligence, electronic surveillance, and information sources of interest to national security.

News and Media Domain

News and Media

News, publications, blogs and free-form text, narratives, press releases and transcriptions.

Patents and Legal Domain

Patents and Legal

Patents, intellectual property,legal contracts, commercial terms, licenses, policies and deeds.

Politics and Government Domain

Politics and Government

Policy documents, registration documents, government proceedings, eGovernment documentation, surveys, application documents and government forms.

Retail and E-Commerce Domain

Retail and E-Commerce

Product catalogs, customer support, retail marketing, product descriptions, product reviews.

Subtitles and Dialog Domain

Subtitles and Dialog

Subtitles, captions, movie dialog, movie synopsis, movie reviews, books, chat, and free-form discussion.

Travel and Hospitality Domain

Travel and Hospitality

Travel, hotel, and restaurant-related descriptions, reviews, menus, and bookings.

Note: There is no standardized term for Industry Domains. Different machine translation vendors and tools refer to them using an insanely wide variety of synonyms. The most common are Stock Engines, Stock Models, and Industry Domains. You may also hear Industry Domains referred to as the following synonyms:

  • Industry Domains, Industry Domain MT Engines, Industry Domain Machine Translation Engines, Industry MT Domains, Industry Machine Translation Domains, Industry Engines, Industry MT Engines, Industry Machine Translation Engines, Industry MT Engines, Industry Machine Translation Engines
  • Stock Engines, Stock MT Engines, Stock Machine Translation Engines, Stock Models, Stock MT Models, Stock Machine Translation Models
  • Stock Corpora, Stock Corpus, Stock Training Corpora, Stock Training Corpus, Stock Data, Stock Training Data, Industry Corpora, Industry Domain Corpora, Industry Domain Training Data, Industry Domain Data, Industry Corpus, Industry Domain Corpus
  • Industry Stock Engines, Industry Stock MT Engines, Industry Stock Machine Translation Engines
  • Baseline Engines, Baseline MT Engines, Baseline Machine Translation Engines, Baseline Models, Baseline MT Models, Baseline Machine Translation Models
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