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Project Management, Editing,
and Data Processing Platform

Subtitle and media processing workflows enhanced by artificial intelligence to reduce human effort and increase productivity.

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Media Studio Product Overview

Project Management, Translation, Editing, Transcription, Captioning, and Data Processing
Human Language Technology Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

Media Studio is comprised of 2 core complementary platforms: Project Management and Editing Platform for project, people and resource management, and Data Processing Platform for data creation, analysis, cleaning, and organization.

Media Studio Data Processing Platform delivers state-of-the-art data processing for subtitles, captions, video, and audio files powered by advanced artificial intelligence-based tools that augment human intelligence for increased productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. Turn legacy language asset files into language data gold. Organize, clean, normalize, and extract a wide range of data and information that can be used to reduce human effort and as input in customized machine translation engines and workflows. This platform has a user portal and REST API that is focused around the preparation, processing, and organization of data.

Media Studio Project Management and Editing Platform goes beyond the processing of data to manage workflows and human resources with task and project management tools that help in-house and remote teams improve collaboration, productivity, visibility, planning, accountability, and ultimately deliver results for subtitle and media related projects. 

Media Studio offers a comprehensive set of enterprise-class tools for managing, creating, translating, editing, and processing subtitles, captions, and videos. Built on a foundation of high-quality subtitle-optimized machine translation engines, Media Studio has already delivered significant productivity and translation quality gains over hundreds of thousands of subtitles processed for our customers using version 1 of the platform. After 3 years and a lot of feedback from customers, we are now preparing to release Media Studio version 2.0.

Sign-up for the Media Studio V2.0 beta program.

Media Studio is available as a self-hosted (AWS or similar) subtitle processing platform for project managers, editors, translators, and quality assurance professionals or as a set of processing API’s hosted by Omniscien for organizations that want to integrate subtitle-optimized machine translation into their existing translation and editing platforms.

Underpinning the suite of tools is a comprehensive artificial intelligence core that is progressively learning how to translate better by studying editor behavior and patterns. These technologies also learn other behaviors such as optimal sentence splitting positions and techniques that further reduce human effort and improve productivity.

WorkflowWorkflow Studio is included with Media Studio to extend custom workflow capabilities and advanced automation tasks.

Available as two Platform Editions specifically designed to match different business needs.

Watch the Media Studio 2.0 Preview and Astro Case Study

What is New in Media Studio 2.0

We are accepting a limited number of beta users during the beta period. Sign-up now to get early access before the full release.

Some of the many new features and updates include:

  • Advanced and fully optimized subtitle editor.
  • Multiple editors can now work on the same file at the same time.
  • New AI driven sentence spliting and structuring across subtitle.
  • Project manager via Gantt chart with real time tracking.
  • An extensive range of advanced data processing and data preparation tools.
  • Multiple domains and genres within a single machine translation engine.
  • Dialog extraction, transcription and syncronization.

See the full details for both platforms below.

BETA Testing

Register now to participage in the
Media Studio 2.0 Beta Program.

Media Studio 2 Editions

Two Platform Editions
to match different business needs

The Omniscien difference is that our products are built on a successful track record of over 14 years developing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Translation, and Natural Language Processing technologies.

Media Studio is built on top of this foundation provide the world's most advanced AI driven subtitle processing and management capabilities.

Media Studio Data Processing Platform
Data Processing Platform

Designed for media service providers that have their own editing and subtitle management platforms and occasional/ad hoc users of services, Media Studio Subtitle Processing Platform offers all the core processing functions as both a REST API and via a comprehensive web portal.

Accelerate and manage transcript, caption and translation creation enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Subtitle Creation
Create highly accurate timed-text files directly from scripts and screenplays combined with AI enhanced Automated Speech Recognition (ASR). Time to prepare a timed-text file is reduced from 8-10 hours to 1-3 hours.

Subtitle Translation
Subtitle-optimized machine translation can more than double productivity for translator and quality assurance tasks while ensuring style guides, glossaries and other customers specific parameters are enforced.

Subtitle Analysis and Classification
A powerful set of analysis tools turns your translation assets into data gold. Extract an entire series glossary in minutes and produce 180 translated and human validated terms in just 1 hour. Analyze and organize existing legacy translations into valuable assets by validating their encoding, language and bilingual pairings between each other.

Subtitle Optimized Custom MT Engines
Customize you own MT engines for even greater productivity and translation quality. Our automated DIY and professionally assisted custom MT engines produce high-quality machine translations tailored to your clients and their needs by leveraging your data assets and using the latest AI advances such as data synthesis.

Media Studio Project Management and Editing Platform
Project Management & Editing Platform

Designed for media service providers, OTT providers and translation organizations that need a complete subtitle project management and editing solution for translators, editors and quality assurance projects. This edition includes and extends all the features of the Subtitle Processing Platform with project, team and task management that is combined with real-time progress tracking.

Project Management
Plan and map out your projects with powerful task and workflow templates. Track team and activity progress in real-time as they work collaboratively on subtitle creation, translation, editing and quality assurance tasks. Project and task status are tracked and visible at granular levels, ensuring that all resources are working optimally and identifying potential project risks before they impact the project, allowing the project manager to quickly and efficiently resolve them.

Powerful Web-Based Subtitle Editor
Perform all your subtitle creation, editing and quality assurance functions in a comprehensive and powerful web-based editor with multiple people working together on the same file at the same time for faster delivery.

Keep teams on the same page with in-project collaboration via messaging, chat, and video discussions. Work together with context, transparency, and accountability directly from within projects and tools with team members working together in real-time.

Real-Time Tracking, Metrics and Reporting
Progress, tracking and performance information is fed back to project managers for real-time tracking and status updates. Detailed project, task and user metrics are analyzed and collected and used to further improve future quality and productivity by teaching machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms behind each feature.

Media Studio Edition Core Feature Comparison

Media Studio Project Management and Editing Platform includes all the features of Media Studio Data Processing Platform
Data Processing Server
Data Processing

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Project Management
Project Management
and Editing Platform

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Subtitle Management Portal
Comprehensive subtitle creation, translation, editing, quality assurance, and management features
On-Premises or Private Cloud
Web-Based Subtitle Editor
Multi-user live subtitle creation, editing and quality assurance on the same file with live tracking and metrics
Project Management
Project resource, task and activity management, planning, tracking and reporting
Team Collaboration
Context linked messaging, chat and video calls
Metrics and Reporting
Real-time project tracking and performance metrics from project down to individual team members
Subtitle Management
Manage and track, subtitles, videos and audio
Web-Based Data Processing Portal
Manage and process your subtitles in a comprehensive set of project and task management tools
Hosted by Omniscien
A comprehensive set of REST APIs expose the power of Media Studio to your own processes and applications
Hosted by Omniscien
Subtitle Optimized Machine Translation
Subtitles, Synopsis, User Reviews and Documents
Custom Machine Translation Engines
Build your own custom MT engines that take into account your writing style, genre, vocabulary and rules.
Dialogs, Scripts and Screenplay Extraction
Dialog Extraction and Format Normalization
Transcribe and Synchronize Video and Audio
Transcribe Audio, Dialog Syncronization and Auto-Conform
Extract and Translate Glossaries and Terminology
Glossary/Terminology Analysis and Extraction, and Bilingual Glossary Creation
Match and Synthesize Bilingual Data
Bilingual Subtitle Pair Matching, Bilingual Sentence Matching, and Data Synthesis
Advanced Subtitle Analysis and Processing
Language Identification, Bulk Renaming, Burn and Encode, Burned-In Subtitle Recognition, Bulk Encoding Conversion, Bulk Format Conversion, Compare Multiple Subtitles, and Editing Effort Metrics

Subtitle Optimized Machine Translation

Slide 1
Subtitle Optimized Machine Translation delivers
higher quality
more consistent
translation output than a human only solution.

Machine translation is not a replacement for humans. It is a productivity and quality enhancer that lets skilled professionals focus on the more important elements of subtitle translations.

Translators, Editors, Reviewers and Project Managers all work collaboratively on the same file at the same time.

Subtitle Optimized Machine Translation Desktop
Hybrid MT
Hey! Did you know that you can more than double your productivity with machine translation when it is optimized for purpose? 👍👍👍
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