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Project Management and Editing Platform Feature Overview

Manage resources and track projects in real-time

Human Language Technology Enhanced by Artificial Intelligence
Media Studio Project Management and Editing Platform is a task and project management tool that helps in-house and remote teams improve collaboration, productivity, visibility, planning, accountability, and ultimately results for subtitle and media related projects.

Designed for media service providers, OTT providers, and translation organizations that need a complete subtitle project management solution for translators, editors, and quality assurance projects. This edition includes and extends all of the features in Media Studio Data Processing Platform with organization, project, team and task management that is combined with real-time progress tracking.

Everything you need to collaborate effectively, hit deadlines, and achieve high-performance results is provided in single package. A comprehensive web-based editing environment allows teams of language professionals to work together at the same time on a task to shorten delivery times and lower costs.

Project managers can see work as it progresses in real-time. Risks and delays can be seen early and managed or mitigated. Resource allocation and tracking is greatly simplified enabling each project manager to work with more projects and manage more people.

Connect directly to your Media Asset Management system (MAM) and finance systems. Detailed reports and data connectors provide simple integration with existing infrastructure.

Subtitle Optimized Machine Translation

Subtitle optimized machine translation is more than just translation. Most machine translation platforms perform very poorly on subtitle content as they are trained primarily on data from documents. Subtitles are full of dialog, conversation, slang, and idioms. Media Studio subtitle engines have been specifically trained on tens of millions of bilingual sentences that are based around dialog and discussion. This produces significantly higher translation quality and ensures the resulting translation sounds natural. Different video genres can also be applied to produce different styles of output.

Time savings go far beyond automatically translating subtitles. Configurable settings allow for time cues to be adjusted based on target language reading speed, locked to the original times, and a range of other adjustable parameters. Translated sentences are split across subtitles in natural positions using where a human would split them using artificial intelligence to make the subtitle read naturally within the user-configurable parameters such as Characters Per Line (CPL).

Together these features more than double productivity for translator and editors. Used in conjunction with Media Studio’s Subtitle Editor, even greater productivity gains are possible.

Data Processing ServerMedia Studio Data Processing Platform is included with Media Studio Project Management and Editing Platform.

WorkflowWorkflow Studio is included with Media Studio to extend custom workflow capabilities and advanced automation tasks.

Available as two Platform Editions specifically designed to match different business needs.

Feature Detail

Each feature is built on a core of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Machine learning enables machines to work more like humans so that humans don't have to work more like machines. Each feature is designed to augment human intelligence, enhance productivity, increase quality, and reduce cost. Artificial intelligence enables processing and organization of data that simply would not be cost-effective or feasible with a human only approach.

Specialized Project Management Optimized for Subtitle Workflows

Lay the groundwork for success with a powerful project management platform with specialized workflows for subtitle and media teams. Integrate human and machine-based tasks seamlessly into a single coherent and visible set of workflows. 

Project Planning

Plan and structure your strategy and work for your project with simple Gantt based project planning. Create tasks, dates, deadlines, dependencies, resources, milestones, and deliverables. Track tasks in real-time as each progresses with task group rollups.


Visually sketch out the big picture, communicate plans with stakeholders, and evolve into more detailed project plans.
Media Studio Project Manager Gantt Chart
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Preset Project and Task Templates

Powerful preset and custom user templates are designed with customization and flexibility in mind, making planning and management simple and efficient. Templates are available as projects, sub-projects, individual tasks, or task groups.

Team and Resource Management

Match tasks to teams and people based on performance history and availability. Assign multiple resources to work on tasks collaboratively or automatically as they become available when finishing other tasks.

Project Dashboards

Project status can be visualized at a glance via project dashboards that are made up of different configurable widgets associated with the different types of data you want to view.

Baseline, Critical Path and Calendar Views

View in calendar, Gantt or table layouts to track the project against the initial baseline timing and compare it to the current state. Visualize tasks that directly affect your project completion date.

Accurate Estimations

Estimations help your team become more accurate and efficient. Live tracking of human productivity and completion metrics provides real-time estimations. Based on historical performance, estimate the time for planned activities automatically.

Powerful Web-Based Subtitle Editor

Whether your team is across the table or around the world, Media Studio brings a new level of transparency to your team’s work and keeps everyone on the same page. Live data synchronization enables multiple tasks to be worked on simultaneously. Productivity gains, real-time collaboration, and real-time progress tracking result in a work-effort reduction for the entire team and reduces management oversight and effort. Being web-based, there is no management overhead for editing software, or software version issues, while maintaining the highest levels of security.

Edit and Quality Assurance at the Same Time

Multiple editors and quality assurance team members can work on the same file at the same time. As rows are signed off, QA can immediately. Subtitle sections and sub-tasks can be reserved and allocated to specific team members.

Real-Time Collaborative Work

Managers can prioritize and discuss work in full context with complete visibility. Team members can collaborate to resolve issues quickly within the editing environment.
Media Studio Subtitle Editor
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Real-Time Progress Tracking and Change Syncronization

Manage with confidence and sanity knowing the information you have is always up-to-date and current. All changes to the subtitle are synchronized in real-time to all team members web-browsers so information is always up to date.

Glossary and Client Style Rule Enforcement

Client style rules and glossary terminology can be enforced at the editor level, reducing quality assurance effort, time-consuming error checks, and avoidable errors being shipped to clients. Rule violation reporting allows editors, QA, and project managers to have a clear view of work quality.

Time Remaining Estimation

Live activity tracking enables accurate time estimations based on the project size and actual progress. Improve team performance based on real-time, visual data that your team can put to use.

Team Collaboration with Messaging, Chat and Video

Smooth and easy communication between team members and managers is critical to managing and utilizing resources effectively. Project managers collaborate with team members to quickly resolve any problems or queries, eliminating endless email threads and delays.

Context Linked Messaging, Chat and Video Calls

Keep plans, iterations, and discussions connected to a task or an issue within a task in one place so that the entire team is kept on the same page. Messages, live chats, and video calls all connect together in a seamless environment.

Documentation Portal

Each project has its own documentation portal with calendars, documentation, file sharing, and meetings notes making planning, coordination, and documentation simple and easy.

User Calendars

Working with many people, especially with remote resources and freelancer language professionals has many challenges. User calendars allow for user availability to be set with their time zones, working hours, and availability.


Notifications are sent in real-time via popular push-communication and messaging platforms for tasks, projects, and work assignments.

Integrated Machine and Human Workflow Automation

Eliminate endless email threads, meetings, and check-ins with real-time discussions, comments and notifications, live editing, dynamic reports, and more. Project managers and team members can work in real-time across the entire organization.

Subtitle Optimized Machine Translation

Subtitle-optimized machine translation engines are connected directly into the human workflows for editing, quality assurance, and task tracking.

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Source Language Template Creation

Create and edit source language templates with integrated director script extraction, and transcription.

Automated Glossary Creation

Automated glossary extraction from scripts and subtitles. Review, edit and apply glossaries to translation projects.

Data Processing & Cleaning

Access all of the advanced data processing features of the Media Studio Data Processing Platform within human worklows.

Built-In Third-Party Connectors

Pre-built integration for popular Media Asset Management Systems (MAMS) and storage systems such as AWS S3, FTP, SFTP, Google Drive, OneDrive Business, Box, Dropbox and more.

Progressive Machine Translation Learning and Improvement

Machine translation systems learn and improve quickly as edits and corrections are applied by professional linguists. Machine translation engines learn your style, vocabulary, and preferences quickly as each project's quality assurance stage is completed.

Real-Time Tracking, Metrics and Reporting

Take the guesswork out of tracking activities with visual tracking. A single source of truth is a major asset for distributed team management. Media Studio provides centralized, real-time data on your projects, tasks, resources, budgets, and timelines. Live metrics keep the entire team up to date. Team members and managers better understand progress through visual reports, dashboards, and alerts. Key decisions can be made by automation software or project managers based on real-time data.

User Configurable Dashboards

Configurable dashboards give each user a unique view of information that is important to them. Pre-configured dashboards for different roles can be modified and customized to each user’s personal preference. Built-in data visualizations show the quality and deliverable landscape at a glance, with the ability to click for additional detail and triage issues immediately.

Team and Resource Performance Metrics

Better understand team and project performance with clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Track performance at individual, team, tasks, sub-task, and project levels. Set alerts when KPI milestones are achieved or in danger. With real-time tracking, guesswork is eliminated with centralized performance data driving key decisions.

Spreadsheet Based Reports

All Media Studio reports are generated as Excel spreadsheets. View them directly in the browser, add your own formulas and adapt the information to meet your specific needs. Spreadsheet templates can be adapted to include your own formulas and information taking report customization to the next level.

Quality and Effort Metrics

Visualize the effort and quality data for machine-human interactive tasks. Analyze changes, effort, time, and quality based on automated metrics that are collected to build clear profiles of skill level and productivity for all resources. Metrics can then be used to select the best resource for a new task.
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