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At the heart of all Omniscien products is a range of artificial intelligence features that have been tightly integrated to address the most complex of language processing challenges and make them feel easy.

When combined with a comprehensive set of flexible features that focus on user control, quality, efficiency, transparency, and productivity gains that are designed to augment human intelligence, complex solutions can be built in record time.

Language Studio

Language Studio

The first on-premise / private cloud server platform that focuses on data-privacy and compliance while offering the most advanced artificial intelligence powered software, tools and features. Data never leaves your organizations network environment. All features are available via a friendly and easy-to-use web interface, REST APIs for application integration, or integrated directly into Microsoft Office.

Features include:

  • State-Of-The-Art Neural Machine Translation (NMT)
    • 600+ Language Combinations.
    • State-of-the-art technology automatically translates documents, text, images and data files.
    • Real-time or batch-file processing.
  • Voice Recognition, Transcription and Dictation (ASR)
    • 48 Languages.
    • Automatically generate subtitles and captions from audio and video files
    • Transcribe and translate live meetings, produce beautifully formatted meeting minutes and transcriptions with custom templates, hold multilingual face-face and online interviews.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • 210+ Languages.
    • Unmatched text recognition accuracy capabilities virtually eliminate retyping and reformatting images, scans and Adobe PDF files by converting them into editable files.
  • File Format Conversion
    • 150+ File Formats.
    • Fast conversion between more than 150 document formats including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, CAD drawings, images, audio, video and other popular file formats.
  • Data Privacy and Sensitive Data Tools
    • Hundreds of secure easy-to-use web-based tools for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, video and audio that compare, compress, count words, edit, eSign, extract, mail merge, merge, rotate, deskew, filter, resize, analyze files and more.
  • Document Viewers and Players
    • Eliminate time-consuming and costly maintenance of desktop applications by giving all users ready and secure access to view and play files in their web browser in more than 150+ different formats.
Media Studio

Media Studio

Project Management, Translation, Editing, Transcription, Captioning, and Subtitle Data Processing

Media Studio Data Processing Platform delivers state-of-the-art data processing for subtitles, captions, video, and audio files powered by advanced artificial intelligence-based tools that augment human intelligence for increased productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. Turn legacy language asset files into language data gold. Organize, clean, normalize, and extract a wide range of data and information that can be used to reduce human effort and as input in customized machine translation engines and workflows.

Medial Studio Project Management and Editing Platform goes beyond the processing of data to manage workflows and human resources with task and project management tools that help in-house and remote teams improve collaboration, productivity, visibility, planning, accountability, and ultimately deliver results for subtitle and media related projects.

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