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With Language Studio™ v4.0 Omniscien Technologies has further improved the worlds leading custom Machine Translation platform. Now supporting more than 550 language pairs it is one platform that can cover all your language processing requirements, irrespective if you need just a quick translation using one of our more than 100 “off the shelf” Industry Engines, wish to quickly customise using our automated training capabilities (Basic) or require a high-quality Professional engine which will let you control any component of your translation right down to the writing style. But Language Studio™ offers even more – the highly customisable workflow allows you, if needed, to control every step of the process in detail including integration with 3rd party systems throughout the process. Have high volume requirements? Then Language Studio™ is for you too; our largest customers translate billions of words every day with Language Studio™. Contact us so we can review with you how we can address your specific needs.

Language Studio™ Editions and Language Pairs

Language Studio™ Cloud for LSP's

  • Designed around Localisation Industry needs
  • Starting as low as $15 per month!

Language Studio™ Enterprise

  • All the benefits of Language Studio™ integrated to your environment
  • Deploy onsite or in your own private cloud

Language Studio™ Enterprise Cloud

  • Pick your language pairs and domains
  • Integrate and “go”

Language Studio™ Language Pairs, Domains and Document Formats

  • In excess of 550 Language Pairs and 12 domains
  • More than 100 Industry Engines ready “off the shelf”

More than 550 Language Pairs in 12 Domains

Omniscien Technologies Language Studio™ currently supports more language pairs and domains than any other product in the market, allowing you to use a single platform for all your machine translation needs. If you miss a language, talk to us to see what we can do for you.

Flexible pricing models

Language Studio™ business models are designed with your needs in mind; whether you have a small rush job, an ongoing project or a very high-volume job, Omniscien Technologies business models are competitively designed with your needs in mind. Need a different model? Talk to us!

The right engine to meet your needs

Omniscien Technologies Language Studio™ offers three basic engine models to select from. Pick from one of our 100+ pre-built Industry Engines , automatically build your custom Basic Engine using our Industry Engines as foundation or allow our MT experts and Linguists to help you build a custom Professional Engine for best quality. The choice is yours!

Up to 300% Productivity Improvements

Omniscien Technologies Language Studio™ LSP customers have reported up to 300% productivity improvements using Language Studio™ Professional engines and Omniscien Technologies MT Maturity Model. Interested? Talk to us!

Measurable Translation Quality

Omniscien Technologies Language Studio™ is all about achieving the best Machine Translation result and transparency. We have designed the system to provide detailed quality measurements right down to showing you what post-edits would be needed. Curious? Talk to us!

Integrates with your platforms

Omniscien Technologies Language Studio™ offers a broad range of integration options with a wide range of CAT tools and TM’s but also desktop integration and wide API options for bespoke solutions. Check our Technology Partnerships or talk to us about specific integration needs.

Complete Control

Omniscien Technologies Language Studio™ is the only professional Machine Translation platform in the market that offers you granular control over engine assemblies and workflow. If you have specific needs and wish to tune to specific requirements, the tools are at your fingertips!

Secure and Private

Omniscien Technologies Language Studio™ Cloud, hosted by Omniscien Technologies in its European Data Center offers full confidentiality and security. Data Privacy and Security are a top concern to you, your customers and us.

Language Studio™ Deployment Models

At Omniscien Technologies we understand that different customers have different needs. To meet these different needs, we offer a number of different deployment models.

Language Studio™ can be deployed as follows:

Language Studio™ Cloud for LSP’s offers a “ready to go”, cloud based solution for the localisation industry. Sign up, add credit, connect using your favourite CAT or TMS tool or use the Language Studio™ Web Interface and start translating. As simple as 1, 2, 3….

Language Studio™ Enterprise Cloud offers Enterprise customers a ready to use, secure, cloud based Machine Translation platform with flexible desktop integration and system integration options. Simply sign-up, add credit, integrate with your systems and translate!

Language Studio™ Enterprise – Private Cloud, offers a managed or unmanaged dedicated Language Studio™ instance for your enterprise and government needs, providing you the full power of Language Studio™ in your environment

Language Studio™ Enterprise – Dedicated, offers you the ability to license, install and operate Language Studio™ in your own environment to support high security needs or highest volume environments

Contact us to help us advise you on the best deployment model to support your needs.