Omniscien Technologies Announces Release of Language Studio with Next-Generation Neural Machine Translation Technology

SINGAPORE – April 21, 2017 – Omniscien Technologies (formerly Asia Online) today announced the release of its new version of Language Studio with next-generation hybrid Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technology.

With this latest release of Language Studio, Omniscien Technologies has combined both Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) and next-generation, machine learning based Neural Machine Translation technology in a single platform for all 548 Language Pairs supported.

“By offering a choice of technologies at the same price point in our secure Cloud, customers are free to choose the solution that best fits their specific use cases and requirements, guided by Omniscien Technologies’ experts where needed. We don’t believe in merely releasing the latest technology in support of the most recent development trends. We prefer to focus on quality, choice, compatibility, value and expert advice to ensure that our customers can achieve their goals”, says Andrew Rufener, CEO of Omniscien Technologies.

Prof. Philipp Koehn, Omniscien Technologies’ Chief Scientist, adds: “Neural Machine Translation is an evolving technology. In many cases NMT does very well. However, there are still a number of limitations with a pure NMT-only solution. With that in mind, during the development of the new version of Language Studio, our R&D teams focused on the inherent weaknesses in the existing NMT technologies that had not yet been solved by academia or commercial NMT solutions. While we will continue to make significant progress in the future, we have now solved the most significant challenges. In doing so, we have developed a unique hybrid NMT, SMT, Syntax and Rules based solution that provides unprecedented translation quality and control, and the new system is ready for production grade deployment now.”

Dion Wiggins, CTO of Omniscien Technologies added “Ensuring we can provide customers with solutions to all their needs is key for us. For example, many of our customers require a high level of control over terminology, workflow and complex sentence structures which is often the case in e-Commerce, Intellectual Property and other domains. This is more easily managed with SMT than with NMT. Using a hybrid solution where the four NMT, SMT, Syntax and Rules based technologies work hand in hand to generate a single high quality translation, now we can provide the same level of control with NMT that we did previously with SMT. Providing full backward compatibility with our customers’ existing SMT language assets and integrations to protect their investments as well as their ability to scale to the highest volumes was key for us before releasing this new version of Language Studio. Now Language Studio provides our customers with the same full set of robust capabilities for NMT as it does for SMT, including terminology management and domain adaptation. As with our SMT offerings, we have also focused on scalability in order to build the world’s first commercial NMT solution that can scale to billions of words per day.”

With the latest Language Studio release, Omniscien Technologies maintains its market leadership by offering a single platform for language processing, machine translation and machine learning as well as providing terminology and writing style control and control of complex data structures. This is a first for any NMT system.

The latest release of Language Studio is available today for Omniscien Technologies’ global customer base in Language Studio Cloud as well as Language Studio Enterprise as an on-premise solution for customers requiring secure or high-volume installations.


About Omniscien Technologies

Omniscien Technologies is a leading global supplier of high-performance and secure high-quality Language Processing, Machine Translation (MT) and Machine Learning technologies and services for content intensive applications. Our wide range of solutions serves clientele from various industries including the Localization Industry, Online Research Services, Publishing, eCommerce, Media, Online Travel, Technology, Enterprise and Government.

Omniscien Technologies has gained a reputation for cutting edge solutions with its Language Studio™ platform. Depending upon the customer’s unique requirements, Language Studio™ can be deployed in a variety of ways to integrate with their in-house data processing and translation management systems, and it offers unparalleled levels of customization and control as well as feature rich pre- and post-processing, enabling customers with even the most complex data to achieve both high quality and high volume output to satisfy every use case. Omniscien Technologies has by far the most comprehensive and feature rich system in the market today.

Covering 548 language pairs and with a number of industry specific solutions, Omniscien Technologies remains the partner of choice for customers with complex, high-volume bespoke data processing and machine translation needs.

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