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Knowing daily how your employees are feeling.

KeenCorp provides a 24/7, real-time measure of employee engagement through software that combines an artificial intelligence platform with psycholinguistic analysis to detect tension variations in written communications. Its revolutionary approach to measuring employee engagement opens up opportunities across a number of business areas ranging from Employee Engagement to Change and Integration, Governance and Risk right to Acquisitions and Investment. By joining forces with Omniscien Technologies, KeenCorp’s innovative solution can be enriched and more rapidly be adapted to specific domains.

Get valuable insights into your employee engagement through simple and unobtrusive daily measurement with 100 % guaranteed privacy and confidentiality.

KeenCorp is the only company in the world that enables organizations to daily measure employee engagement and makes this as easy as checking your bank balance for insights that have never been there before.

Enriched with Omniscien Technologies’ capabilities, this integrated and unique solution is adapted and tailored to meet global business requirements.

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