Built on the world’s leading translation, language processing, workflow automation, and artificial intelligence technologies.

Translation and language processing technologies have evolved substantially over the last decade. The Omniscien team has been at the forefront of research and development, leading the way with a comprehensive set of integrated tools, features, and technologies that are powered by and drive artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Naturally, Omniscien tools and technologies are heavily reliant on high-quality specialized data to power our platform and technologies. Because we understand the importance of high-quality data, the Omniscien team is dedicated to breaking new ground with novel research and approaches to creating, mining, harvesting, synthesizing, and manufacturing data. Omniscien has built a variety of powerful tools for data creation, preparation, and analysis.

Behind many of the tools design is Omniscien’s Chief Scientist, Professor Philipp Koehn who leads our team of researchers and developers. Philipp is a pioneer in the machine translation space, his books on Statistical Machine Translation and Neural Machine Translation are the leading academic textbooks globally on machine translation. Both books are available now from Amazon.com or leading book stores.

Philipp Koehn

Professor Philipp Koehn,
Chief Scientist,
Omniscien Technologies.

Neural Machine Translation - Philipp Koehn - Book Cover
Statistical Machine Translation - Philipp Koehn - Book Cover
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