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Media Studio V2.0 – Part 2: Data Processing Platform Preview

Media Studio Data Processing Platform

Media Studio Data Processing Platform delivers state-of-the-art data processing for subtitles, captions, video, and audio files powered by advanced artificial intelligence-based tools that augment human intelligence for increased productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Turn legacy language asset files into language data gold. Organize, clean, normalize, and extract a wide range of data and information that can be used to reduce human effort and as input in customized machine translation engines and workflows. 

Media Studio Data Processing Platform provides an essential and unique set of data processing tools that are specifically designed to create value from your legacy language assets and optimize manual data preparation tasks via artificial intelligence and automation. Many organizations have vast amounts of data assets that can be leveraged for a wide variety of purposes ranging from training data for custom machine translation engines to translation memories, and automated glossaries and dialogs.

Designed for media service providers, OTT providers, and translation organizations that have their project management and editing platform, and occasional/ad hoc users of services. Media Studio Data Processing Platform offers all the core processing functions as both a REST API and a comprehensive web portal.

Media Studio Data Processing Platform provides a comprehensive toolkit for processing, analyzing, organizing, preparing, and creating subtitles and media assets.

Everything you need to organize, clean, normalize, and structure your subtitle and media assets is provided in a single package. A comprehensive set of data processing and analysis tools reduce human effort and increase productivity and accuracy for data preparation tasks such as source language template creation.


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The Omniscien team has been hard at work developing our latest versions of market-leading machine translation, media and subtitle processing, and workflow automation products. Currently being finalized and in beta test ahead of their upcoming release, we are excited to announce a series of new products and product updates.

Join the Omniscien team for 3 presentations, including 2 new product preview webinars, and a comprehensive deep dive into the latest advances in data gathering, data synthesis, data cleaning, and best practices for customizing a high-quality translation engine.

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