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Is Cloud-Based Machine Translation Secure?

Security is a broad term and the level of security will differ based on the supplier and deployment model. In addition, cloud players such as Google have legal terms and conditions wherein they claim rights to the data, specifically when free services are used. All these considerations are relevant in a security context.

Omniscien Technologies recognizes that your translation memories and other linguistic assets are very valuable. These linguistic assets provide a unique competitive advantage by offering greater accuracy, efficiency, and productivity. Our corporate culture and infrastructure are designed with security and privacy at their core.

Omniscien Technologies takes data security very seriously. Omniscien Technologies hosts its Cloud Service in a secure data center in Europe and confirms the data security policies in its T&C.

Language Studio™ infrastructure is secured in a dedicated private network infrastructure that is not shared with other companies and features world-class connectivity and security. Data is stored in a secure file system with 2048 bit encryption. Each client’s data is stored independently to ensure that there is no possibility of data leakage.

A very detailed contract provides clients protection so that the data provided will only be used for the purpose of building and improving the client’s custom engines. Omniscien Technologies does not share your data with any other clients and do not use your data to build other translation engines. Omniscien Technologies service contracts offer even greater protection than is typically found in contracts that Language Service Providers (LSPs) have with second-tier LSPs and individual translators.

Custom Engines are private to each client. Once a custom engine has been created for a client, the engine can only be accessed by the client or those authorized by the client. Clients control who can access custom engines by using the Language Studio™ web interface to manage permissions and security.

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