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Omniscien Technologies offers one of the most popular webinar series on the subject of Machine Translation. Among the most favored webinars are the sessions on the topics Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and Language Studio. Here you can watch all the recorded sessions retrospectively and sign up for our newsletter, so that you won’t miss any of our upcoming webinars.

Available Omniscien Technologies Webinar Recordings

Retail Global and Omniscien Technologies Talk on Cross Border E-Commerce

The release of Language Studio V4.0 brings many new features which no other MT provider at present can match in terms of quality or productivity gains. Designed for simplicity and ease of use while achieving the highest quality machine translation output, Language Studio V4.0 offers usage plans to meet any requirements or budget. In this presentation, Dion Wiggins, Omniscien Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer, will walk you through the core features of the latest release of Language Studio. Learn how to create custom engines and refine them over a short period to deliver best quality translation output. This presentation covers:

  • Translating with Language Studio
  • Using Industry Engines
  • Customizing Your Own Engines
  • BASIC Customisation
  • PROFESSIONAL Customisation
  • Integrating with your TMS Platform and Editing Tools

Getting the Most from Language Studio INDUSTRY, BASIC and PROFESSIONAL MT Engines - Technology Webinar Series

With the release of Language Studio V4.0 in Q3/16, Omniscien Technologies made available 3 new Machine Translation engine types. This webinar explains the differences between each engine type, what business scenarios and uses cases they are best suited for, and how to take advantage of each engine type. The three engines types supported and discussed on the call are:

·       INDUSTRY MT Engines allow immediate access to hundreds of off-the-shelf engines that are ready to use without any customization. 13 industries ranging from Life Sciences, Automotive and Information Technology to eDiscovery are being deployed progressively across the 540 language pairs supported by Language Studio. Some control such as glossaries and non-translatable terms is available.

·       BASIC Custom MT Engines are Do-It-Yourself (DIY) custom engines, built on top of an INDUSTRY engine as a foundation, providing a solid base to begin from for a custom engine. Users simply upload their training data (i.e. TMX, XLIFF, etc.) and submit their engines for automated training. This engine type allows for rapid customization when you have data and language assets suitable for training an engine with.

·       PROFESSIONAL Custom MT Engines are an expert guided comprehensive customization that is based on a collaborative effort between Omniscien Technologies Language Studio Experts and the user, and expands of the features offered in a BASIC custom engine to deliver the highest possible translation quality. Each engine has a uniquely tailored Quality Improvement Plan that defines the steps that will be taken to customize the engine.

Put simply, this is similar to outsourcing the expert skills to the Language Studio team, while still keeping complete control of the project. There are many activities that are undertaken such as term management, normalization and development, in addition to data manufacturing and writing style control. With a Professional Custom MT Engine, it is even possible to develop a high quality custom engine when you have no data at all.

The State of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) - Technology Webinar Series

On November 24th, 2016, Omniscien Technologies organised a webinar with panel discussion on the State of Neural Machine Translation (NMT) with Prof. Philipp Koehn as the presenter. The presentation and the panel discussion was focused on the current state of the technology development as well as the possibilities and challenges related to the deployment of NMT in relation to RBMT and SMT. The slides are available for download here and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are available in the Omniscien Technologies Frequently Asked Questions web section. To playback the recoding see above. The presenters and panelists were:

  • Philipp Koehn holds a professorship in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University and is the Chair for Machine Translation in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. Philipp Koehn is well-known as a leader in the field of statistical machine translation research, particularly in association with the open source Moses system, which has become the de-facto standard toolkit for machine translation in research and commercial deployment. Philipp is the author of numerous publications and he received the Award of Honor from the International Association of Machine Translation last year. As Omniscien Technologies’ Chief Scientist, Philipp refined machine translation technology for real-use and continuously drive innovation and technological development
  • Kerstin Berns is founder of berns language consulting, based in Germany. She started her career as a translation system specialist for DaimlerChrysler, introducing machine translation to the DaimlerChrysler intranet in 1999 before working as team leader for the BMW Aftersales translation team. In 2005 Kerstin started her own company, an independent consultancy aiming at state-of-the-art quality and efficiency for the multilingual information process chain. Kerstin’s team caters to the needs of medium to large international companies with a strong interest in lean management and quality control. As an independent company, berns language consulting has no economic ties to any translation or software vendors whatsoever.
  • Florian Faes is Co-Founder and Managing Director at Slator, which is an online publisher that makes business sense of the language services and technology market with news on the people and deals that shape the industry. Before launching Slator in 2015, Florian was with language service provider CLS Communication as Head of Asia, where he was part of group management during the trade sale to Lionbridge.

Introduction to Neural Machine Translation (NMT) - Technology Webinar Series

This Omniscien Technologies webinar recording from January 24th, 2017 provides a comprehensive introduction to Neural Machine Translation (NMT) with comparisons to Rule Based Machine Translation (RBMT) and Statistical Machine Translation (SMT), it’s basic inner workings, as well as a view of both the opportunities that NMT offers as well as some of the early stage deployment challenges. This webinar is the second webinar in the Omniscien Technologies webinar series on Neural Machine Translation (NMT). The recording of the webinar is provided above. Find the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) online here.

Applying NMT in Real-World Business Scenarios - Technology Webinar Series

This webinar, held May 16th, 2017, Dion Wiggins, CTO of Omniscien Technologies , discusses the state of NMT in practical terms, strategies, fit and applications of NMT in real-world applications and customer uses cases for NMT. In the Q&A session Prof. Philip Koehn, Chief Scientist at Omniscien Technologies, joins Dion to address questions from the audience. If you are interested in the practical application of NMT at this stage and have not been able to make the Webinar, this recording is for you. It discusses the opportunities and challenges that NMT offers, aims to remove the hype and provide you with a realistic view of what can and cannot be done at this stage such that you can determine if and how to apply NMT.

A Comprehensive Guide to Developing Your Machine Translation Roadmap - GALA Partner Webinar Series

As MT quality improves and use expands, most organizations realize only a small portion of the full business benefits and production efficiencies that MT brings when deployed in a planned and structured manner. This webinar provides a clear, technology agnostic, framework for deploying machine translation beginning with basic utilization and then rapidly maturing through processes, staff roles and key performance indicators. The presenter explores tools and techniques that will deliver the fastest return on investment and plot these on a roadmap that has measurable performance milestones for the business. The MT Maturity Model presented in this recording provides an approach to MT maturity with a detailed road map, milestones and metrics that allow organizations to plan their MT deployments and growth in a series of evolutionary steps. An overview of the benefits, efficiencies, and opportunities gained as each milestone is reached is provided as the business that evolves in its technology deployment practices. LEARNING OBJECTIVES:

  1. How to progressively plan and deploy MT in a structured manner so as to maximize productivity, margins and returns.
  2. Provide an understanding of the staffing, process, workflow and technology adjustments required for success.
  3. How to set KPIs, measure and understand the impact on the business of changes brought about by MT integration.

Terminologie Management in der maschinellen Übersetzung - Berns Partner Webinar Series (German)

On May 10th, 2016, Berns Language Consulting organised a joint webinar with Omniscien Technologies to talk about Terminology Management in Machine Translation.

This webinar is held in German.

What is Neural Machine Translation and how can it be applied

Deep Neural Machine Translation (Deep NMT) is the next frontier in the machine translation (MT) technology evolution. But what does Deep NMT provide that Neural Machine Translation (NMT) or Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) cannot offer yet? Does Deep NMT really deliver that much quality improvement? What should one need to be aware of when using machine translation and where are the opportunities and pitfalls?

This webinar, broadcasted on November 15th, 2017 provides an introduction to NMT and elaborates on the differences between SMT, NMT and Deep NMT. The presentation also provides examples and observations related to the practical application of Deep NMT.

Our special guest and Omniscien Technologies Chief Scientist, Philipp Koehn, one of the most recognized scientists in the field of machine translation, provides an introduction and an expert view on this the subject.

Machine Translation Primer - Current Technology and Future Direction

Special Webinar Session with Philipp Koehn

Machine Translation (MT) has evolved extensively in recent years and yet, still has some way to go in providing a complete solution for customers across all business verticals. Even with the exhaustive information available currently, there is still a lack of understanding of the capabilities of MT today and the direction in which it is headed.

This presentation will seek to explain both from a business and technical perspective, the applications for MT today. It will also explain the requirements for building a bespoke high-quality MT engine that can outperform generic engines from many of the common cloud based service providers such as Google, Microsoft etc. We will also explore the ongoing developments in the MT space along with insights into current research being undertaken for next level MT.

Retail Global and Omniscien Technologies Talk on Cross Border E-Commerce

Retail Global and Omniscien Technologies talk on cross border e-commerce

Chris Morley, Industry Expert and CCO of Retail Global, sat down with Andrew Rufener, CEO of Omniscien Technologies, to talk about cross border e-commerce. While there are many opportunities, there are also several hurdles. In this interview these hurdles are discussed as well as how to overcome them.

Application of Machine Translation and AI to subtitling

This webinar on the “Application of Machine Translation and AI for Media Subtitling”, presented by Andrew Rufener, CEO of Omniscien Technologies, discusses the suitability of Machine Translation and Machine Learning / AI to the processing of subtitles, the translation thereof, the enrichment possibilities as well as the business case and an actual customer example.

Preview of Omniscien Technologies’ New Products and Features

From June 1, 2018, Omniscien Technologies will begin releasing a range of new products and features. In this webinar, Dion Wiggins, Omniscien Technologies’ CTO, will provide a preview of our latest products, including live demonstrations of each product.

  • Language Studio Enterprise Translation Server
  • Media Studio
  • E-Commerce Studio
  • Language Studio REST API 5.0
  • Language Studio Drop Folders
  • Language Studio Script and Language Studio Tools

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