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Language Studio: Securing Data Privacy and Compliance in AI Adoption

The Problem/Risk

ChatGPT 3.5 launched in November 2022, revolutionizing the AI landscape by making powerful, sophisticated, easy-to-use, productivity-enhancing AI capabilities accessible to everyone online with little-to-no cost or experience. Users inadvertently shared enormous amounts of private information and proprietary intellectual property with OpenAI while eagerly utilizing the immense power of this new AI platform to create emails, reports, spreadsheets, and other digital content. In short, millions of people violated data privacy laws and industry-specific regulations in fields like government, healthcare, and financial services. And they continue to do so. Samsung is one of many that have already made this mistake.

This disregard for data privacy and compliance echoes past behavior with AI-powered products. The risks of using public cloud-hosted solutions, such as ChatGPT, Google Translate, Microsoft Office, Zoom, and Teams, are understood by security professionals who face ongoing challenges protecting enterprise integrity. Many other daily-use tools carry the same potential liabilities. As stated in their terms: “make copies of, retain, transmit, reformat, reproduce, process, make derivative works, learn from, publish, publicly display, and distribute such contentpublic cloud companies openly claim ownership of user-submitted data.

Simultaneously, enterprises have invested heavily in achieving compliance with GDPR, CCPA, SOC-2, and other data privacy regulations in their workflows and processes, while either being ignorant of, or turning a blind eye to, the dangers of unrestricted public cloud use by staff. Additionally, OpenAI only has servers in the US, so any data being processed from the EU would immediately raise GDPR Third Country data privacy and compliance violation concerns.

As data privacy and compliance regulations evolve and companies progressively enhance their compliance profiles, scrutiny of their behavior and management responses intensifies. The ubiquitous spread of AI and public cloud use not only introduces a new era of AI-enabled capabilities but also heralds a period of unparalleled data privacy risks and heightened regulatory enforcement.

    ChatGPT was trained on 300 billion words of public data.

    How many of the next 300 billion words will be your PRIVATE DATA?

    AI Data Privacy

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    Securing the Future of Generative AI, Machine Translation, Speech Recognition, NLP and AI Augmented Processes

    Language Studio: A Secure and Comprehensive AI Solution for Enterprises

    As AI tools become an integral part of modern organizations, the need for secure access to such tools and data privacy compliance becomes acute. Language Studio is the first on-premises, private cloud server platform that unlocks the power of hundreds of state-of-the-art AI software tools and features, while strictly adhering to applicable regulations. It accomplishes this by securely retaining all data within the organization’s own network and control.

    In the AI and public cloud era, Language Studio helps organizations balance AI potential with data privacy and compliance, addressing both opportunities and risks associated with these rapidly evolving technologies.

    A Centralized Hub for AI-Driven Processing

    As a centralized hub for AI-driven language, media, and document processing, Language Studio provides a wide array of secure AI tools with superior quality and functionality compared to public counterparts. This fosters a constructive transformation in user behavior, as they opt to utilize the secure and robust solutions offered internally by Language Studio for AI-based tasks, rather than resorting to potentially hazardous alternatives that pose regulatory risks.

    Language Studio ensures AI tools and data processing stay within an organization’s network, safeguarding data ownership rights and preventing unauthorized exploitation of valuable intellectual assets while protecting the right to monetize them.

    Customizable AI Models

    Language Studio further enhances AI capabilities by providing tools that customize AI models for specific industries and companies using proprietary data. This leads to highly accurate and tailored results, surpassing those achievable with larger, more generalized public AI products.

    Product Features

    Language Studio offers an easy-to-use, secure user portal and REST/WebSocket APIs for application and workflow integration. Key features include:



      Machine Translation (MT) Language Pairs



      Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Languages



      Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Languages



      File and Document Conversion Formats



      Advanced Media Processing (AMP) Tools



      Document and Natural Language Processing (NLP) Tools

      These features are designed as drop-in replacements for insecure functions in products like Microsoft Office, Zoom, and Teams, offering enhanced security for tasks such as dictating, transcribing, translating, captioning, and summarizing live meetings or calls.


      As the AI arms race intensifies, the release of ChatGPT4 and the subsequent reactions from industry players showcase the enormous potential and opportunities offered by AI-driven products. With more than 16 years of experience in crafting specialized AI tools, Omniscien Technologies delivers a unique suite of tools through Language Studio, enabling organizations to strike a balance between AI capabilities and data privacy and compliance concerns.

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