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Integrate your applications via our powerful REST and WebSockets APIs.

Built for security, data privacy, and compliance.

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Secure Server Platform
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Secure Artificial Intelligence within your network Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Machine Translation (MT) Optical Character Recognition (OCR) File Format Conversion Natural Language Processing (NLP)

The SolutionProvide a single destination within your organization’s own network and control where secure versions of all of the most common state-of-the-art artificial intelligence powered tools are available to the entire organization.
Sensitive data never leaves your network or control
Sensitive data never leaves your network or control.

Secure Artificial Intelligence Tools within a Single Server Platform

Solve everyday inadvertent sensitive data leakage:
  • Enable your users access to advanced artificial intelligence-based services that are usually available only via third-party public cloud services.
  • Provide hundreds of tools and utilities that can be embedded directly within your own applications and workflows via REST API.
  • Prevent costly data-privacy violations and penalties for breaching compliance regulations.
  • Retain control of your sensitive data by always keeping it within your own organizations network.
    Bring the power of state-of-the-art public cloud services into the control of your network

    Feature Overview

    Language Studio Enterprise Server Platform provides secure state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology within a flexible and powerful server platform. No other platform offers such a wide variety of services and features in a single server platform that can be deployed either on-premises or in your own private cloud.

    Our enterprise class language technologies empower some of the world’s largest organizations to communicate and process data without language barriers. 

    The scope of Document and Language Processing is broad. Language Studio is constantly expanding to encompass even more powerful and complex Natural Language Processing features. Each quarterly release is packed with feature enhancements. All features have language and Natural Language Processing at their core. By combining a range of technologies and techniques, Language Studio enables and enhances a vast array of business processes – all within the organizations control and firewall.

    Keep control of you sensitve data 

    Access Language Studio AI tools within your private network

    Secure Document & Language Processing Portal

    Hundreds of easy-to-use tools and utilities based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) that are packaged in a simple and easy to use web portal.

    Learn more about Language Studio Portal >>

    Secure Server Platform

    The same powerful features from the Secure Document Portal exposed as RESTful APIs ready to be integrated with your workflows and business processes.

    Microsoft Office

    Microsoft Office

    A secure Microsoft Office Plugin provides dictation, translation and data privacy features directly within Microsoft Office.

    Microsoft Office

    Third-Party Applications

    Plugins and connectors available for a wide variety of Content Management Systems (CMS) and Translation Management Systems (TMS) systems including memoQ, XTM, Trados Studio, MemSource, etc.

    Secure WebSockets and RESTful APIs

    Integrate Language Studio RESTFul APIs with your own applications and workflows

    All Secure Portal features are also available as secure RESTful APIs, including:

    Machine Translation

    • Translate between 600+ language pairs
    • Dedicated and load-on-demand engines
    • Scalable – translate from 50,000 words per minute up to hundreds of millions of words per minute

    File Format Conversion

    • Convert between 150+ file formats
    • Convert video, audio, documents, images, archives and more.

    Transcription and Dictation

    • Accurately transcribe live and recorded audio/video streams
    • Create subtitles, captions, JSON data files, and formatted documents.
    • Voice recognition in 48 languages

    Advanced Media Processing

    • Advanced analysis and processing of video and audio files.
    • Automatically analyze, adjust, process, and re-conform subtitles and captions.
    • Automatically transform Voice JSON into subtitles, captions and as-spoken director’s scripts.

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    • Convert images and PDF files into Microsoft Office, text, data and ebook formats.
    • Recognize 210+ languages

    Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    • Access NLP features such as automated Language Identification, syntax parsing, sentiment analysis, document summarization, Part Of Speech (POS), Named Entity Recognition (NER), text classification, and much more.
    • NLP powered workflows and processes that enhance every day office activities.

    Technical Feature Overview

    Secure Servers


    • Data never leaves your organizational control
    • After processing, all data is deleted using United States Department of Defense (DoD) 5220.22-M Data Wiping Standard
    • Authenticate and control access using LDAP, SAML2, OAUTO-2 or local authentication
    • All data communications are encrypted via SSL/TLS
    • Configurable to store temporary files using 256-bit AES encryption
    • Automated housekeeping to remove stale and expired files.


    • Install on-premises in your office/data-center or Private Cloud infrastructure providers such as AWS, Google, Azure, SAP, Oracle, IBM, etc.
    • Enterprise class scalability and processing features.
    • Dynamically scale server resources up and down based on demand.
    • Use batch file mode to submit multiple files at once and process them concurrently.
    • Compatible with Docker Swarm, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, Azure Load Balancer and Google Cloud Load Balancing.

    Rapid Deployment

        • Language Studio is containerized using Docker.
        • Small to mid-sized organizations can deploy Language Studio as a single container in minutes.
        • Larger deployments can deploy smaller service defined containers and associated compute resources on-demand quickly as needed. 

        Cost Effective

        • Language Studio supports both CPU and GPU processing for many features. Which processor type is more economic will depend on your specific use case.
        • CPU is significantly lower cost than GPU and delivers performance at speeds that a suitable for most enterprise applications.
        • Language Studio has a scalable architecture and supports the dynamic scaling up and down of virtual server instances. Capacity can be added dynamically when demand is high and reduced automatically when demand is low, keep costs down.
        • Rapid load-on-demand features enable compute resources to be shared across multiple MT engines, further saving costs by not requiring dedicated compute resources per MT engine.
        • The entire machine Language Studio platform is designed for optimal control, performance, security and cost effectiveness.

        Simple and Easy to Understand Pricing

        • Simple annual software subscription that includes all software, patches, and updates.
        • Support is included with the standard subscription without additional cost.
        • No limits on the number of users
        • No limits on translation volumes
        • Voice recognition is charged by audio hours.
        • Optical character recognition is charge by the number of pages processed.
        • Optional addons such as Advanced Media Processsing (AMP) are charged at a fix annual subscription.
        • No hideen costs or fees.

        Batch and Real-Time Processing

        • All features available in the Secure Document and Language Processing Portal are also available via REST APIs.
        • Submit batch files and real-time requests for processing via API.
        • Integrate your own translation applications seamlessly.

        Compliance Ready - Secure, Private and Accessible by Design

        At Omniscien Technologies, we understand the value of data security and privacy, and the role that it plays in compliance. Language Studio is a world-class infrastructure platform designed to ensure that your data is secure and protected in all scenarios, easily meeting and exceeding GDPR and other similar regulatory compliance requirements.

        Language Studio is deployed around the world in organizations that demand the highest levels of compliance, security, and data privacy. Trusted by banks and financial institutions, law firms, large multinational enterprises, governments, intelligence and defense departments, and many others, your organization can process data through Language Studio with peace of mind.

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        Secure By Design

        Editions and Deployment Models

        Your content and data are important and deserve a high level of security and privacy.

        Omniscien understands that organizations need continuous, secure and compliant access to business-critical data and applications. Choose from three different secure deployment models that align with your specific deployment use case based on data residency, availability, security, and compliance requirements.

        Language Studio Secure Cloud

        Secure Cloud

        Hosted by Omniscien

        • Designed for organizations that don’t want to host their own infrastructure.
        • Perfect for lighter loads, Language Service Providers (LSPs), occasional/ad hoc processing users and users that want a full Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) machine translation and language processing platform.
        • A secure cloud environment with a vast array of off-the-shelf industry and custom-built machine translation engines, and document/language processing features.
        • REST APIs for application integration
        • Multi-tenant hosting on shared infrastructure hosted in Omniscien’s EU data center.
        Language Studio Enterprise


        On-Premises & Private Cloud

          • Designed for enterprises with secure
            high-performance centralized or distributed server-based language processing and machine translation needs.
          • Focused on GDPR and similar compliance at an enterprise level. All servers run within your own network, giving you total control. Traffic never leaves your network.
          • Capable of five-nines availability and fault tolerance.
          • REST APIs for application integration.
          • Extensive Language/Document processing compliance features.
          • Scalable from 50,000 to hundreds of millions of words per minute translation. All features are designed to scale to enterprise levels.
          • Deploy on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure or similar. You determine the host and region based on your compliance needs.
          • Optional management service provided by Omniscien.
          Also available as private managed server hosting.

          Also available as private managed server hosting.

          Managed by Omniscien, dedicated exclusively to your organization.

          Language Studio Local


          Offline Laptop or Desktop

          • Designed for in-the-field use cases such as law enforcement, field medical staff, military, and remote stations.
          • High-performance real-time translation and document processing is needed on a local device.
          • Fully self-contained on a regular personal computer without an Internet connection.
          • Bluetooth and wireless APIs for nearby mobile phone/tablet access.
          • Translates documents, images, photos and voice instantly.
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