Data Privacy and Compliance
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Packaged in a single platform, Language Studio offers robust, server-side state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools, processes and APIs.

Enables five-nines reliability and enhances the security of your organization by removing sensitive data from the public cloud.

Built for security, data privacy, and compliance.

The latest State-of-the-Art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) Optical Chacter Recognition (OCR) Autonomous Speech Recognition (ASR) File Format Conversion Data Privacy Tools contained within your network and control.

Secure Document Portal
Simple, Secure, and Private Web Access
Secure Server Platform
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GDPR Compliant

Designed from top-to-bottom to assist with data privacy, security and compliance.

Relying on public cloud solutions may put your data and privacy at risk

Secure Cloud, On-Premises, and Data Center scalability.

Language Studio is part of a technological revolution that makes it possible to unify, centralize and maintain control of your data and where it is processed. It gives you an unprecedented level of control and security overall customer information.

Access artificial intelligence-based services that are usually available only via the public cloud services provided by Google, Microsoft and similar. Our secure, scalable and enterprise ready on-premises or in your own private cloud platform supports hundreds of tools for translating, sanitizing, comparing, converting, analyzing, OCR, voice recognition and transcription and more. Our technology helps with GDPR, SOC 2, HIPPA, and other compliance challenges. All from within your own network without traffic going to external parties.

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