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Advanced Media Processing (AMP)
Video, Audio and Captions

Process audio, video and subtitles / captions.
AMP enables live audio streaming with Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and real-time translation.
Produce beautifully structured subtitles and captions in batch mode or real-time.



Tools for Broadcasters and Media Processing Professionals

Language Studio’s Advanced Media Processing (AMP) module offers an essential set of productivity tools for media processing professionals and organizations. Whether your work involves audio, video, subtitles, or captions, our specialized tools enhance your organization’s workflows, boost productivity, and assure unparalleled accuracy for processing live and pre-recorded audio and video content.

AMP features a comprehensive suite of tools, each meticulously designed to simplify and automate tasks associated with audio, video, subtitle, or caption processing. Features extend from superior transcription and translation to precision-adjustment and conforming tools, with added capabilities for dialogue extraction, alignment, and entity extraction and automatic subtitle and caption creation. Fundamentally, AMP is committed to driving efficiency and augmenting productivity.

To maintain quality control and enhance the effectiveness of your output, AMP provides a range of measurement tools, such as Transcription Quality Measurement and Subtitle Differences Comparison. AMP’s analysis tools like automated Subtitle Language and Encoding Detection, Audio Language Detection and Scene Changes Detection provide valuable insights for better media processing. All these capabilities can be accessed via an intuitive portal user interface or easy-to-integrate REST APIs.

With AMP, you’re stepping into a realm where quality, efficiency, and innovation seamlessly blend.

live stream and pre-recorded audio


AMP delivers comprehensive transcription solutions, transcribing both live and pre-recorded audio, and offering real-time translation into a wide variety of output formats.

Automatically generate well-structured subtitles and captions that meet your formatting specifications. Additionally, merge the transcription into your own custom Microsoft Word template, or generate draft dialogs for review and later alignment with time cues. Data formats include plain text, CSV, Tab Delimited, XLSX, or JSON formats.

  • Fast and accurate transcription in 48 Languages
  • Real-time and batch file processing.
  • Real-time translation with 50 millisecond latency.
  • Customize and fine-tune with glossaries or more extensive context specific customization.
  • Automatic speaker identification and confidence scores.
View Sample Interview Transcription


    Transcribe Audio/Video File

    Transcribe Audio/Video File

    Transcribes and translates a video or audio file to Voice JSON and a range of output formats including subtitles, captions, draft dialogs, data files and formatted Microsoft Word documents.

    Transcribe Draft Dialog

    Transcribe Draft Dialog

    The draft dialog can be easily reviewed, with any mishears corrected and adjusted. The reviewed dialog can then be processed through the Time/Dialog Alignment tool.

    Transcribe Live Stream

    Transcribe Live Audio/Video Stream

    Transcribes and translates live audio or video streams into formatted subtitles/captions, customized Microsoft Word transcripts and scripts, draft dialogs for human review, data files for use in other applications, and text transcriptions.

    Live two person interview

    Transcribe Live Interview

    Transcribes a live interview between 2 people using 2 microphones with optional real-time translation. Generate custom formatted Microsoft Word transcripts, subtitles, and data files for use in other applications and record keeping.

    Real-time and Batch Translation


    Translate subtitles and captions, synopsis and user reviews with machine translation engines optimized for purpose to produce more natural sounding translations.

    Subtitle structure is automatically transformed from the source format to a pre-defined target profile such as Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Amazon, or a custom profile.

    • 600+ Language Pair Combinations.
    • Customizable machine translation with your own data.
    • Pre-configured style guide formatting profiles or customize your own.
    • Artificial intelligence ensures breaks in sentences and across subtitles/captions occur at natural points, fostering a smooth reading experience.
    • Submit multiple files at once for bulk processing.
    • Combine translation with transcription for real-time and pre-recorded media processing, generating subtitles and a wide variety of document formats.
    Translate Subtitles/Captions

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      Translate Subtitle

      Translate Subtitles/Captions

      Translate subtitles/captions from one language to another while adhering to a preconfigured formatting profile to produce high-quality structured subtitles/captions in the target language.

      Translate Synopsis

      Translate Synopsis

      Automatically translate video synopsis with machine translation engines specifically optimized for purpose.


      Translate User Reviews

      Translate User Reviews

      User reviews have their own unique style that includes slang and colloquialisms. Translate within the context of movies producing natural-sounding reviews across languages.

      Intellegently Adjust and Fine Tune Structure

      Conforming and Alignment Tools

      Videos often undergo additions, changes, edits, cuts, and censorship. It’s critical to maintain conformance with defined style guide and standards, ensuring that subtitles/captions align accurately with the revised version of the video and adhere to a designated style guide.

      AMP conforming tools automatically adapt subtitles and captions to match varying video versions, frame rates, or style guides. Even in the absence of original subtitles/captions, AMP offers an advanced tool to align and synchronize time cues with a provided dialog and then adjust the output to comply with a specified style guide.

      • Automatically adjust subtitles/captions to changes in video content.
      • Convert subtitles/captions from one format and style guide to another pre-defined target profile such as Netflix, Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, Amazon, or your own custom profile.
      • Align dialog to time cues directly extracted from video content and format based on predetermined format
      • Convert between subtitles and caption formats.
      Autoconform Subtitles

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        Auto-Conform Subtitles/Captions

        Auto-Conform Subtitles/Captions

        Automatic analysis of audio to identify modifications such as deletions or additions (e.g., censored, trimmed, or substituted content) and adjustments to the provided time synchronized subtitle/caption file.

        Reconform Subtitles/Captions

        Re-Conform Subtitles/Captions

        Automatically re-conform a subtitle/caption file to match preconfigured formats, structure, and features. Adjust various elements such as reading speed, frame rates, and characters per line; rectify improper formats; and convert between subtitle and caption formats.

        Transcribe Audio/Video File

        Time/Dialog Alignment

        Automatically synchronize and align a dialog file to time cues generated from an audio or video transcription. Generate a range of output formats including subtitles, captions, draft dialogs, data files and formatted Microsoft Word documents and as-spoken directors ‘scripts.

        Adjust and Modify Videos

        Video and Audio Tools

        Simple alterations to video files serve valuable purposes, including copyright protection, brand promotion, and piracy reduction. Utilizing compression techniques can minimize both video quality and size, while the incorporation of a watermark establishes the video’s original source.

        The creation of lower-quality proxy videos allows for secure sharing with outsourced subtitle editors, reducing the risk of the video being uploaded and disseminated on video sharing platforms.

        • Add text, logos, and image watermarks to videos.
        • Compress videos to shareable sizes and formats.
        • Batch process multiple videos at one time.
        Add watermark to videos

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          Add Watermark to Video

          Add Watermark to Video

          Adds a text or image watermark to videos.
          Compress Video

          Compress Video

          Compresses a video to an optimal level of compression.
          Ensuring Quality

          Measurement Tools

          Assessing the quality of transcription, translation, and subtitle structuring is vital to ensure accuracy and effectiveness in content creation, and cross-cultural communication. Comparisons between human and automated versions help detect inconsistencies, maintaining high standards.

          Evaluating the work effort required for adjustments also provides insights into the efficiency of automated systems, guiding resource allocation and process optimization for improved cost-effectiveness.

          • A wide range of automated quality metrics.
          • Differences are visualized in the easy to use viewer.
          • Metrics and comparisons are provided in JSON for inclusion in other workflow tools and processes.


            Compare Subtitles

            Compare Subtitle Differences

            Automatically analyze and compare the differences between two subtitle files, capturing inserts, edits, deletes, and time cue changes. View the results or export in a structured JSON format, enabling further processing in secondary applications.


            Transcription Quality Measurement

            Automatically measure the accuracy, changes, Word Error Rate (WER), Precision, and Recall of an automated transcription output by comparing it against a high-quality human validated reference. View the results or export in a structured JSON format, enabling further processing in secondary applications.

            Batch conversion

            Conversion Tools

            Language Studio’s AMP suite of conversion tools provides a comprehensive solution to convert audio, video, subtitle and caption files across widely used formats ,and adjust subtitle/caption encoding, shifting between standards.

            • Convert between .DFXP, .PAC, .SBV, .SCC, .SRT, .STL(EBU), .STL(SPR), .SUB(Micro), .SUB(View), .TTML, and .VTT subtitle formats
            • Convert between hundreds of encodings including ANSI to UTF-8 or UTF-16LE to UTF-8.
            • Convert audio and video files between popular  formats.
            • Batch process multiple files at one time.
            Convert Audio, Video and Subtitle formats


              Convert Audio Formats

              Convert Audio Format

              Convert audio files between common audio formats.

              Convert Encoding

              Convert Subtitle/Caption Encoding

              Convert subtitles/captions from one encoding to another, such as ANSI to UTF-8 or UTF-16LE to UTF-8.
              Convert Subtitle Format

              Convert Subtitle Format

              Convert subtitles/captions from one format to another, such as .DFXP, .PAC, .SBV, .SCC, .SRT, .STL(EBU), .STL(SPR), .SUB(Micro), .SUB(View), .TTML and .VTT.

              Convert Video Format

              Convert Video Format

              Convert video files between common video formats.

              Convert Video to Audio

              Convert Video to Audio Only

              Convert video files into common audio formats.

              Artificial Intelligence Applied to Media

              Analysis Tools

              Language Studio’s AMP tools offer a comprehensive set of analytical tools designed to facilitate and enhance your multimedia management. These tools boast an automatic language identification for both audio and subtitle files, systematically categorizing into JSON further processing and video scene change detection.

              A regular problem when transferring files between multiple parties and systems is the mixture of encoding and often corrupt or damaged files. AMP provides encoding detection and automatically repairs 1,000s of broken Unicode or incorrectly encoded text issues, ensuring the integrity and legibility of your content.

              To enhance classification and data mining, make use of our automatic terminology and named entities extraction tools. These tools can process subtitles, captions, director scripts, or text files, proving invaluable for subsequent analysis, glossary development, and pre-translation tasks.

              • Analyze audio, video and text to automatically identify scene changes and language.
              • Analyze subtitles and captions to detect encoding and language. 
              • Repair thousands of common corruption issues.
              • Extract names, places, organizations and terminology.
              Analysis Tools


                Detect audio language

                Detect Audio Language

                Automatically identifies the language of audio and video files, producing a report and grouping them into folders.

                Detect Scene Changes

                Detect Scene Changes

                Automatically detects scene changes in video files, producing JSON file containing an array of the exact time of each scene change. This data can be used in a wide range of secondary applications for further processing.

                Detect Encoding

                Detect Subtitle Encoding

                Automatically detects the encoding of subtitle files, producing a report and grouping them into folders.

                Detect subtitle language

                Detect Subtitle Language

                Automatically identifies the language of subtitle files, producing a report and grouping them into folders.

                Extract Terminology and Entities

                Extract Terminology and Entities

                Automatically extract terminology and named entities (names, organizations, places/locations) from a collection of subtitles/captions/director scripts/text files for further analysis, glossary creation and pre-translation.

                Repair Encoding

                Repair Subtitle Encoding

                Analyze subtitles looking for broken Unicode and incorrect encoding, then repairing it back to legible text. Transform text such as “PÉREZ” into “PÉREZ” and “la réflexion” into “la réflexion”.

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