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State-of-the-Art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) supporting 600+ language combinations.

14 off-the-shelf Industry Domains with the option to customize to your own writing style, domain, and vocabulary for the highest quality translation in the industry.

Machine translation should be easy. secure. the default. multilingual. integrated. seamless. available to the entire organization.

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Best-in-class AI driven machine translation delivers data privacy and security. real-time translations. live multilingual captions and subtitles. professionally formatted multilingual meeting minutes. billions of translated words per day. unmatched quality and control. batch file processing.

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Inadvertent data leakage
You can’t protect your data if you don’t know where it is!


Secure Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

The future is multilingual. And it’s here now.

On-premises machine translation is no longer limited to helping international organizations reach global markets by accelerating translation delivery at scale. Language Studio’s state-of-the-art neural machine translation (NMT) has been deeply integrated with a wide range of complementary technologies to take translate beyond just text and documents to include voice, images and more.

This isn’t just about enhancing the quality of your translations or speeding up the process—though Language Studio does both. This is about making sure that your organization can truly break through language barriers and connect with customers in more ways than ever before, in addition to enabling cross language communication within the entire organization while maintaining security and data privacy.

Language Studio’s real-time and batch file NMT technology can be used for all sorts of applications that require language processing and translation — including the development of chatbots, natural language interfaces and voice interfaces, as well as image recognition systems. The possibilities are endless!

Type / Copy & Paste – Translate – Easy!!

Translate Real-Time

Lightning-fast real-time translation. Experience the worlds fastest and most accurate machine translation by simply typing or copy/paste content.

Translate with our easy-to-use web portal or integrate real-time translation into your own applications and processes.

Real-time Neural Machine Translation

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Drag, Drop, Translate – Easy!!

Translate Multiple Files at Once in Batch Mode

Fast and accurate translation of files and document  including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, subtitles, translation memories, images, audio, video  and more. 

Simply select the files that you wish to translate, specify the output language, set the desired optional output parameters and click the Translate button.

Translate multiple files with Neural Machine Translation (NMT)

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Translate PDF and Image files into Microsoft Office

Keep original formatting and Styles

Translate PDF and Image Files into Microsoft Office

  • Works with scanned images and Adobe PDF files.
  • Converts images within PDF files.
  • Retains the fonts, formatting and styles of the original.
  • Auto-detects table layout and structure.
Translate and Transcribe Meetings, Webinars, Calls  and Interviews
Transcribe and translate live interviews and meetings
View Sample Interview Transcription

Generate Live Subtitles and Produce Meeting Minutes

Translate and Transcribe Meetings, Webinars, Calls  and Interviews

The world is becoming more connected and more people are working remotely. However, this can make it difficult to understand what is being discussed in a meeting or conference call.

Language Studio provides a simple solution to this problem by allowing you to add live multilingual captions and subtitles to any video conference.

  • Use AI driven speech-to-text in a meeting to produce subtitles and captions in real-time.
  • Automatically transcribe what meetings participants say with no human intervention.
  • Translate everything spoken into other languages or translate other languages into your preferred language for better understanding.
  • Produce well formatted subtitles in SRT and TTML that can be used when replaying recordings.
  • Produce formatted meeting minutes using custom Microsoft Word templates, with speaker detection, transcription, translation, named entity analysis, sentiment analysis, and more.

Supports Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, GotoMeeting, Cisco WebEx, and all other video conferenceing platforms.

Conduct real-time face-to-face multilingual interviews between two or more languages and generates a transcript of what was said.

  • Use AI driven speech-to-text in a face-to-face interview.
  • Automatically transcribe what meetings participants say with no human intervention.
  • Translate everything spoken into other languages or translate other languages into your preferred language for better understanding.
  • Produce a professionally formatted interview transcription using custom Microsoft Word templates, with speaker detection, transcription, translation, named entity analysis, sentiment analysis, and more.


Fast and Low Cost

Experience the world’s fastest machine translation!!

Translate fast at speeds of ~120,000 words per minute on a single CPU and ~9 million words per minute on a single GPU. Scale up to as many CPU/GPU as your use case requires.

Reduce costs by sharing CPU/GPU compute resources across multiple machine translation engines by using our unique load-on-demand feature. Switch between engines in as little as 2 seconds. For always available, instant translations, you can also dedicate compute resources.

Language Studio makes the entire translation process as fast and as simple as possible for both users and programmers.


Best-In-Class Translation Quality

Our state-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technologies enable translation of multilingual content at scale, quickly, accurately and cost effectively.

Omniscien has a rich 16+ year history in the R&D in MT. Our Chief Scientist, Professor Philipp Koehn, literally wrote the books used by universities globally to teach talented AI researchers in Statistical Machine Translation and NMT.

Further optimize our out-of-the-box MT engines by customizing for vocabulary, writing style and context. Our proprietary processes and technologies deliver unparalleled translation quality quickly and easily with minimal effort.

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600+ Language Pairs and Document Type Support

With more than 600 language pairs supported, Language Studio boasts the most extensive coverage of direct translation language pairs (no pivoting between English) of any commercial machine translation platform.

Other MT vendors pivot between English (i.e., French 🡆 English 🡆 English 🡆 German) rather than direct (i.e., French 🡆 German), reducing translation quality. Language Studio translates directly.

Support for Text, HTML, DOCX, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, JSON, XML, TMX, XLIFF, TTML, DFXP, SUB, MP4, MOV and many more file formats is built directly into the platform. 

Customize to Your Writing Style

Take control of the translation results and make them your own. Our unique machine translation engine customization process enables control and understanding of industry slang, domain-specific terms and even control of writing style (i.e., legal, sales, marketing, technical).

Choose from our pre-trained industry engines and industry data as a base to build on top of. Our proprietary data manufacturing/synthesis technologies and customization process typically adds between 20-40 million new bilingual segments that make each custom engine uniquely yours.

Add your own pre- and post-processing rules to further control translation quality and formats. Convert currencies, format dates and numbers, and more – all with industry standard JavaScript rules.

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Unlimited Translation Volumes

No restrictions or limitation on the number of users or translation volume. Unlimited translation of files, documents, HTML pages and text.

Translation speeds start at 50,000 words per minute. With a larger number of users or higher performance requirements, simply increase your license for a greater capacity per minute.

Translate using our easy-to-use web portal or add translation to your own applications with our powerful REST APIs.

Connect your Language Studio server to Memsource, XTM, memoQ, Trados Studio and more with our pre-built integrations that share industry standard XLIFF file formats. 



Secure and Private

You can’t protect your data if you don’t know where it is!

Retain control of your sensitive data by always keeping it within your own organizations network.

By using untrusted websites and internet services like Google Translate and Microsoft Translator to translate content your users are putting your sensitive data at risk. Legal rights are inadvertently lost to untrusted third parties who may use your sensitive data and your valuable intellectual property for their own purposes, including in some cases selling it to others.

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