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Launching in December 2022

Advanced Media Processing

Live Video Transcription

Transcribes a live video stream producing a formatted transcript, draft dialog, subtitles/captions and Voice JSON for further refinement.

Translate Subtitle / Caption

Translates subtitle / caption files from one language to another. Target formats are adjusted to match specific configurable settings that are used to produce a well formatted target language subtitle/caption.

Re-Conform Subtitle / Caption

Adjust the subtitle / caption structure and format from one setting to another. This is very useful for changing characters per line, fixing badly formatted subtitles and captions, and for converting to/from subtitles and captions.

Auto-Conform Subtitles & Captions

Automatically analyzes a video to determine what content has been removed or added (i.e. censored, cut or replaced). The resulting subtitle/caption file is automatically adjusted to match the video.

Transcribe Video Files

Transcribes a video or audio file and produces a formatted subtitle/caption and an as-spoken dialog document/script.

Automatically Align Dialog with Time Cues

Align a dialog file with the audio voice to add time cues, creating formatted scripts, subtitles and captions.

Extract Terminology and Entities

Automatically extract terminology and named entities (names, organizations, places/locations) from subtitles/captions/directors’ scripts in seconds.

Detect Subtitle / Caption Language

Automatically identifies the language of subtitle files, producing a report and grouping them into folders.

Also Available via REST API

All features are availalbe via our user friendly portal or via REST and WebSockets API.
Advanced Media Processing Tools

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