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A comprehensive set of tools that have been designed specifically for the media industry.

Our new tools enable you to optimize your caption subtitling process. By re-formatting content for other languages, or by revising and aligning dialogs and subtitling with the spoken audio, you will increase the efficiency of all your upcoming projects.

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Media Tools

Coming Soon
We are currently working on a set of
advanced media processing tools
for the media industry

Check back here later in November 2022 when they are released.

Features Include:

  • Re-Conform Subtitles
    • Adjust a subtitle from one configuration and standard to another. For example, adjust form 40 characters per line to 32 characters per line.
    • Keeps the original time cues, but adjusts all subtitles formatting, split points and structure to new rules.
  • Auto-Conform
    • After a video has been changed (i.e., censored or content cut), adjust the time cues automatically to match the new times.
  • Basic Transcription
    • Generate a transcription of any audio or video file.
  • Transcription to Draft Dialog
    • Creation of a draft dialog that can be reviewed for accuracy prior to alignment with time cues.
  • Subtitle Translation
    • Translate a variety of subtitle formats from one language to another.
    • Format subtitles based on target language split points using AI.
  • Source Language Template Creation
    • Generate original source language subtitles and captions.
  • Automated Dialog alignment speech and time cues
    • Match dialogs with speech and produces clean subtitles and structured data.
  • Directors Script Generation / As Spoken Script Generation
    • Generate a spoken script in Microsoft Word based on a user template.
  • Closed Caption Audio Descriptions
    • Add audio descriptions to captions by speaking about what you are seeing in the video.
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