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Language Studio

Machine Translation (MT) -
Technical Features

Language Studio provides best-in-class AI based Neural Machine Translation (NMT) technologies that are tightly integrated with Autonomous Speech Recognition (ASR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools.

Access all the features via our secure portal, integrated applications or REST APIs.

Machine translation should be easy. secure. the default. multilingual. integrated. seamless. available to the entire organization.

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Technical Features
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Best-in-class AI driven machine translation delivers data privacy and security. real-time translations. live multilingual captions and subtitles. professionally formatted multilingual meeting minutes. billions of translated words per day. unmatched quality and control. batch file processing.

Technical Features Overview

Language Studio is the world’s most powerful, comprehensive and adaptable neural machine translation software and language processing platform. Our enterprise class language technology products empower some of the worlds largest organizations to communicate without language barriers. We provide secure enterprise machine translation solutions, adapted to your content – empowering success in any language. 

Automated translation has become a standard tool for many organizations in today’s global and connected business environment. Unlike online machine translation providers, Language Studio Enterprise takes data privacy and data security to the next level by keeping all processing within your own network.  

Fast Real-Time & Batch File Processing

  • State-of-the-art Neural Machine Translation (NMT)
  • Leverages the latest AI advances in translation with Document Level Translation.
  • Lightning-fast real-time translation. Translate text and HTML at speeds as fast as 9 million words per minute on a single GPU or 120,000 words a minute on a single CPU
  • Context: Human translators average 3,000 words a day. Language Studio averages 2,000 words per second on a single CPU.
  • Use batch file mode to submit multiple files at once and process them concurrently.
  • Translate with our easy-to-use web portal or integrate our translation REST API into your own applications and processes.
  • Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) is also available for specialized purposes.
  • Avoid having specialized machine translation programs on a small number of individual users machines – Language Studio Enterprises enables machine translation and translation processing for your entire organization.

600+ Language Pairs, 14 Industry Domains

  • Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukraine, Vietnamese, and more… Learn More > >
  • Select from 14 specialized industry domain for even higher accuracy. 
  • Start translating with pre-built Industry Domains including Automotive, Banking/Finance, Engineering/Manufacturing, Information Technology, Life Sciences, News/Media, Patents/Legal, E-Commerce, Subtitles/Dialog and Travel/Hospitality, etc.  Learn More on our detailed MT section >>

Accuracy and Customization

  • While our out-of-the-box Industry engines deliver great translation output quality, customizing your own engine with our unique rapid customization process delivers significant improvements in accuracy, fluency and suitability for purpose.
  • Consistently outperforms online translation services such as Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Amazon Translate and DeepL for translation accuracy.
  • Create your own custom machine translation engines to control industry slang, product names, domain-specific terms and even control of writing style (i.e., legal, sales, marketing, technical).
  • Our proprietary data manufacturing/synthesis technologies and customization process typically adds between 20-40 million new bilingual segments that make each custom engine uniquely yours – even when you have little or no training data of your own.

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Broad Range of Input / Output Formats

  • Fast and accurate translation of text, data, files and documents including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, subtitles, translation memories, PDF, images, audio, video and more.
  • Support for Text, HTML, DOCX, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, JSON, XML, TMX, XLIFF, TTML, DFXP, SUB, MP4, MOV and many more file formats is built directly into the platform.
  • Use our automated conversion tools to convert 150+ additional file formats.
    Learn more about File Format Conversion >>
  • Translate live transcription text with accurate punctuation, paragraphs and sentence boundaries.
    Learn more about Live Transcription >>
  • Translate Subtitles and Closed Captions with custom formatting based on custom configuration to produce splits and timing that feels natural.
    Learn more about Subtitle/Caption Translation >>

Reduce Translation Costs

  • Language Studio supports both CPU and GPU translation.  The enormous processing power provided by GPU is only needed for training.
  • CPU is significantly lower cost than GPU and delivers performance at speeds that a suitable for most enterprise applications.
  • Language Studio has a scalable architecture and supports the dynamic scaling up and down of virtual server instances. Capacity can be added dynamically when demand is high and reduced automatically when demand is low.
  • Rapid load-on-demand features enable compute resources to be shared across multiple MT engines, further saving costs by not requiring dedicated compute resources per MT engine.
  • The entire machine translation process is designed for optimal control, performance, security and cost effectiveness.

Powerful Server and API for Integration

  • Enterprise class scalability and processing features.
  • Scale up to translating millions of words per minute.
  • Automatically identify the languages.
  • Submit batch files and real-time requests for processing via API.
  • Integrate your own translation applications seamlessly.
  • Plugins and connectors available for a wide variety of Content Management Systems (CMS) and Translation Management Systems (TMS) systems including memoQ, XTM, Trados Studio, MemSource, etc.
  • Dynamically scale server resources up and down based on demand.
  • Our translation APIs are pre-integrated with many other Language Studio features such as voice recognition.

Understanding Core Technical Features

Translation Modes


Translate anything – FAST!!!

Whether you are translating simple text by copy and pasting, or translating complex document formats such as Microsoft Word, Images and Adobe PDF formats, Language Studio has you covered. With real-time translation, we can even translate audio as it is spoken into other languages. For additional quality, add industry domains that will let you translate in the context of subtitles/dialog, legal documents, technical documentation, automotive, and more. Irrespective of your source language or target language, with more than 600 language pairs supported, Language Studio can translate almost anything.

Batch File Translation

Translate a wide variety of file formats via our secure document portal application user interfaces, or integrate via RESTful API.

  • A wide range of file formats are supported including HTML, Plain Text, TMX, XLIFF, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, PPT/PPTX, PDF, SRT, TTML, images and more.
  • Submit and translate multiple files concurrently.
  • Automated language identification.
  • Confidence Scores: Our automated quality evaluation enables custom workflows that assist in human based validation and editing processes.
  • NLP: Extend translation output with sentiment analysis, terminology extraction, syntax, etc.
  • Advanced processes that leverage NLP in workflow such as locating columns and rows of data in Excel spreadsheets, automatically detecting the language and then translating the content into English (from any supported language), inserting the results into a new column or a new sheet.

Real-Time Translation

Translate text and HTML content in real-time.

  • The same features as Batch File mode but in real-time and some great additional options.
  • Subtitles: Pre-integrated with real-time transcription, enabling live subtitles in multiple languages – all beautifully formatted and in real-time.
  • Suitable for chat rooms, customer support, real-time interviews and other environments where real-time translation enhances functionality.
  • Pre-integrated with Language Studio’s Automated Speech Recognition features.

State-of-the-Art Machine Translation

Neural Machine Translation and Statistical Machine Translation books - Philipp Koehn

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are in our culture

At the heart of all of Omniscien’s tools and products is state-of-the-art machine translation technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Developed and refined for over 17+ years, the Omniscien team has continually strived to innovate and deliver the highest quality translation output and most flexible machine translation software in the industry.

Modern machine translation technologies are more capable than ever before to deliver high-quality translation output that is often indistinguishable from human translation. To take full advantages of the many advances, Language Studio 6 is a complete rewrite of the entire platform. This rewrite has optimized many features, enabling speeds up to 1,000 times faster than the previous version.

Philipp KoehnResearch into language translation technologies have advanced at an incredible pace over recent years. The Omniscien team has been at the forefront of research and development, leading the way with a comprehensive set of integrated tools, features, and technologies that are powered by and drive artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Behind many of the tools design is Omniscien’s Chief Scientist, Professor Philipp Koehn who leads our team of researchers and developers. Philipp is a pioneer in the machine translation space, his books on Statistical Machine Translation and Neural Machine Translation are the leading academic textbooks globally on machine translation. Both books are available now from or leading book stores.

Some recent advances in language translation technology at Omniscien include:

  • Document level translation – translates portions of the document together at one time to build better context
  • Hybrid Neural and Statistical Machine Translation (SMT)
  • Switch between multiple domains and writing styles within a single translation engine
  • Translate multiple languages in a single machine translation engine
  • Lower costs by using CPU compute resources. (GPU also available for very high-end performance)
  • Speed / performance advances. Language Studio Enterprise V6 is 1,000 times faster than Language Studio V5.
  • Major enhancements in translating low resource languages

Learn more about our award winning state-of-the-art machine translation technology >>



Scale to Translate Billons of Words Per Day with No User Limits

Seamlessly scale to large numbers of concurrent translations.

  • Scale up to billions of words per day with support for dynamic scaling of virtual compute resources.
  • Dynamically add compute capacity on-demand.
  • Lower costs by using CPU compute resources. (GPU also available for very high-end performance)
  • Dedicate compute resources to a specific engine or language pair or share compute resources by loading MT engines on-demand. (Typically 2-5 seconds to load an engine)
  • Compatible with AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and other virtual environments.
  • No limitations on the number of concurrent users or user accounts.

Specialized Industry Domains

Industry Domains

Quality is delivered by a better understanding of domain context

Unlike in human translation, automated translation cannot fully understand context (yet). The simple phrase “I caught a virus” could refer to your personal health or to your computer. Context can change the meaning to something totally different. Industry domains provide the context needed for higher quality translations.

Pre-built industry engines can be used off-the-shelf to translate immediately with the advantage of contextual domain information to provide higher quality translations. Domain context helps to differentiate between “virus” in a medical context vs. “virus” in the information technology context. Use the same domain data as a foundation to build your own Custom MT Engines on top of.

By training MT engines with high-quality bilingual data that contains the correct context, the context of the resulting translations is conveyed and the quality of the translation is notably better.

  • Use out-of-the-box industry domain engines to start translating immediately
  • Use industry domain data as a foundation to customize your own machine translation engines.


Industry domains include:

  • Automotive
  • Banking and Finance
  • eDiscovery
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • General Purpose
  • Information Technology
  • Life Sciences
  • Military, Intelligence and Defence
  • News and Media
  • Patents and Legal
  • Politics and Government
  • Retail and eCommerce
  • Subtitles and Dialog
  • Travel and Hospitality

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Each industry domain machine translation engine is trained using 10’s or even 100’s of millions of high-quality bilingual sentences. This same data is available as a base for you to build your own Custom MT Engines.

Additional context and quality can be achieved by combining Industry Domain Data with your organization’s own data or with data created by other Language Studio tools such as Data Synthesis.

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Customize Your Own Machine Translation Engine

Custom Machine Translation Engines

A custom machine translation engine will always deliver the best translation quality

Generic machine translation engines like Google Translate and Microsoft Translator have a goal to translate anything, anywhere, anytime for the purpose of understanding.

Langauge Studio’s goal is to produce a translation output that requires the least amount of human effort in order to publish.

Being able to understand is just not good enough at Omniscien!!

Our goal is quite different with a much higher quality bar. Omniscien customized machine translation engines are designed to deliver a translation output that requires the least amount of human effort in order to publish, and feel natural to the eye when reading. When translation quality directly impacts the bottom line and accuracy is important, a custom MT engine will always deliver the highest quality translation output.

But don’t stop at just publishing content, modern machine translation engines have reached a quality level that they can be used for everyday tasks and are simply one of the tools that the organization uses to remove language barriers. Because the  accuracy of modern AI machine translation engines has increased, they can now be useful tools that are combined with your own applications or with the pre-built applications within Language Studio such as voice recognition, live subtitles and captions, and other advanced NLP based tools.

Training artificial intelligence and machine learning systems takes enormous data processing power. The Omniscien team gives you all the power, hiding the complexity and making the process smooth and simple. Talk to us about our process and how we can quickly create a custom MT engine for you. Once we tailor your customization plan, there is almost no human involvement. Our automated tools and processes take over and do all the heavy lifting.

  • Add your own training data from existing documents, translation memories and glossaries.
  • Add 20,000,000 to 40,000,000 new segments to your custom engines with Language Studios proprietary data gathering and data synthesis processes.
  • Automatically extract and resolve terminology translations from data.
  • Integrate multiple languages into a single machine translation engine.
  • Control writing style (legal, sales, marketing, engineering, technical, etc.)
  • Control the domain. Incorporate multiple domains into a single MT engine.
  • Control vocabulary, terminology and special words.
  • Control formatting of numbers, dates, times, etc.
  • Automatically pre- and post-process content as it translates with custom scripting rules.
  • Custom machine translation engines consistently score better than generic engines from Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Amazon Translate and DeepL.

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Integrate Machine Translation into your Applications

Use the RESTful to power your applications with Language Studio’s artificial intelligence based tools. Add machine translation and natural language processing to your translation process with well documented and easy to use APIs.

APIs include:
  • Machine Translation
  • Voice Transcription / Dictation / Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Language Identification (Voice and Text)
  • Sentiment Analysis, Syntactic Parsing, Parts of Speech, Term Extraction, etc.
  • Many more Natural Language Processing (NLP) features.
  • Translation management systems integrate directly via pre-built connectors.

Specialized Workflows Driven by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

Specialized Artificial Intelligence Workflows

Get more value from Translation with Natural Language Processing

Make your translation processes and applications smarter. Use Natural Language Processing tools to get more from your data. Easily enable applications to extract context, syntax, parts of speech, key terms, sentiment, meaning, summarize voice content, and even translate your voice content into other languages.

The world has moved beyond the translation quality provided by basic machine translation engines of yesterday. Technologies such as Rule Based Machine Translation (RBMT) and Statistical  Machine Translation (SMT) have for the most part been replaced by Neural Machine Translation (NMT). Traditionally, machine translation has be useful for assisting human translators and improving repetitive translation related tasks. As translation quality has improved, the number of use cases where machine translation combined with other forms of Natural Language Processing is viable has exploded.

  • Configure your translation workflows and translation processes to enrich your translation data with more information.
  • Translate each sentence as it is transcribed in about 50 milliseconds for real time workflows.
  • Bulk process large files (tested up to files of 20GB) and high volumes of files.
  • Enable secondary processes to be smarter and more useful by adding intelligent metadata.

Omniscien products, such as Media Studio and Language Studio, are optimized and built for purpose. The tools that we use are available and can be readily adapted to meet many different business needs. Our expansive library of language processing tools, workflow automation technologies and artificial intelligence solutions provide a unique platform from which to build specialized solutions.

The Omniscien team will work with you to build workflows for language processing, voice recognition, optical character recognition (OCR), data mining, data analysis, and data automation or you can leverage our technologies to build your own solutions.

Economical and Flexible Billing Models

Billing models vary by edition to match different business needs. All editions have no per-user costs or software restrictions making billing simple, predictable, transparent, and economical.

Volume Based Pay-Per-Use

Language Studio Secure Cloud and cloud-based processing services are available as a pay-per-use subscription, with volume discounts based on processing volume and subscription period.

Software Subscriptions

Language Studio Enterprise is available as an annual software subscription with unlimited translation volumes.

No Software Limits

  • No limits on the number of users
  • No limits on translation volumes

State-of-the-Art Translation Technology

Omniscien products, automation technologies, and language processing solutions augment human Intelligence with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, machine learning and language processing technologies. Our products and tools are built around the philosophy of enabling machines to work more like humans so that humans don’t have to work more like machines.

Hybrid Statistical and Deep Neural Machine Translation

Different machine translation technologies are more suitable for different scenarios. Language Studio uses multiple translation technologies concurrently and employs a translation quality confidence score to determine the highest quality translation result.

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Intranet/Extranet Translation Portal

Language Studio Enterprise provides a configurable intranet/extranet portal where the entire organization, without user-limits, can translate documents and messages securely in the privacy of your own network.

Customize your translation page with your organization’s logo and color schemes to fit in with your other internal websites and tools.

Translation Confidence Scoring and Quality Estimates

Every sentence has a calculated confidence score that estimates the quality of the translated output. This can be leveraged at sentence, paragraph, or document levels to guide workflows or for quality and effort analytics.

Multiple Domains & Genres in a Single MT Engine

Language Studio has a unique feature for customized engines that allows the translation genre, domain, and writing style to be specified at the time of translation (i.e. marketing, technical manuals). The resulting translation to be stylized to match. A full range of genres, domains, and styles can be built into a single machine translation engine.

Support for Microsoft Office and Many Other Document Formats

Supported document formats include Microsoft Office, Open Office, HTML, Image, Adobe PDF, XML, TTML, SRT, TMX, XLIFF, SDL XLIFF, Plain Text, and many more.

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Hybrid Machine Translation

Real-Time and Batch Translation Modes

Real-time translation is best suited for customer support, chat, and chatbots. Batch-mode translation is used to translate documents and large data volumes.

Runtime Glossary and Domain Switching

Apply glossaries to translations and seamlessly switch between different writing styles (sub-domains) to ensure that the machine produces a translation output that needs the least amount of human effort in order to publish.

Adobe PDF and Image Translation

Automatically convert Adobe PDF and Image files into editable Microsoft Office formats and translate them directly to other languages.

Scriptable Translation Workflow Rules

Control the translation quality using runtime glossaries, do-not-translate term lists, automated pre-translation corrections and post-translation adjustments, and complex rules via embedded JavaScript. Every second step in the comprehensive translation workflow allows user-defined JavaScript to manipulate and refine the process at a granular level.

Powerful Custom Machine Translation Engines

Custom machine translation engines deliver notably higher translation quality than generic or industry translation engines. Runtime customization features such as that provided by glossaries provide limited control but when more control of writing style and vocabulary is needed a custom machine translation engine built on data that is matched to the purpose that the translations will be used for will deliver the highest quality and require the least amount of human effort in order to publish.

Simply upload your existing translations and click “Train” for a Standard Customization or work with the Omniscien team for a Professional Guided Custom MT Engine where we will synthesize, gather and create data for you.

Standard Custom MT Engines - Fast, Fully Automated MT Engine Training

Custom engine training and improvement cycles are fully automated. A new MT engine can be trained in just a few days. Incremental improvement is achieved by adding post-edited and new data. Incremental training can take just a few hours.

Professional Guided Custom MT Engines

Omniscien experts are on-hand to guide you through the customization process.

Data Synthesis and Manufacturing

Custom machine translation requires high-quality data to learn from. Language Studio provides advanced data synthesis and data manufacturing tools to create millions of high-quality bilingual. Sentences are derived from your data or data of a similar nature to that from which you will translate.

Train MT Engines in Omniscien Secure Cloud or in your Data Center

Custom engine training and improvement cycles are fully automated. A new MT engine can be trained in just a few days. Incremental improvement is achieved by adding post-edited and new data. Incremental training can take just a few hours.

Control Writing Style

Most MT system focus on the ability to understand MT output. However, Omniscien has long promoted a different approach – to produce an MT output that requires the least amount of editing possible in order to publish. A domain helps, but even in one domain, there are many writing styles (i.e. Automotive Marketing vs. Automotive Engineering Manuals).

Due to the unique Clean Data MT strategy pioneered by Omniscien since 2006, and further advanced with the unique Language Studio Data Synthesis and Data Manufacturing technologies, it is possible to stylize and control writing style.

Metrics, Analytics, and Reports

All custom MT engines have detailed metrics and analytics, comparing Language Studio translation quality to many other third-party machine translation systems such as those Google and Microsoft. Comparisons against historical versions of MT engines are also available so as to clearly see the ongoing incremental improvements as new training data and post-edited machine translation content is fed back into the MT engine.

IBM Watson Specialized AI Engines

Language Studio is fully integrated with IBM Watson, with specialized industry engines optimized to work with chat-bots, support and customer engagement solutions.
Custom MT Engines

Progressive Machine Translation Learning and Improvement

Machine translation systems learn and improve quickly as edits and corrections are applied by professional linguists. Machine translation engines learn your style, vocabulary, and preferences quickly as each project's quality assurance stage is completed.

Automated Bilingual Glossary Extraction and Creation

Machine translation systems learn and improve quickly as edits and corrections are applied by professional linguists. Machine translation engines learn your style, vocabulary, and preferences quickly as each project's quality assurance stage is completed.

Document Alignment

Machine translation systems learn and improve quickly as edits and corrections are applied by professional linguists. Machine translation engines learn your style, vocabulary, and preferences quickly as each project's quality assurance stage is completed.

Sentence Alignment

Machine translation systems learn and improve quickly as edits and corrections are applied by professional linguists. Machine translation engines learn your style, vocabulary, and preferences quickly as each project's quality assurance stage is completed.

Advanced Data Validation and Cleaning

Machine translation systems learn and improve quickly as edits and corrections are applied by professional linguists. Machine translation engines learn your style, vocabulary, and preferences quickly as each project's quality assurance stage is completed.

REST API, Connectors, and Workflows for Easy Integration

Connect your applications via a comprehensive REST API or plug directly into leading Translation Management Systems (TMS) and third-party applications with pre-built connectors.

Language Studio Enterprise includes the full functionality of Workflow Studio tool-set to enable complex Natural Language Processing (NLP) in your language processing workflows on-premises or in your private cloud, with a runtime-subset available in Language Studio Secure Cloud.

Comprehensive REST API

Integrate your applications directly with Language Studio. Translate in real-time or batch-mode, execute complex workflows, perform text analytics, train MT engines, and much more.

Language Processing and Text Analytics

Translation is just one of the many language processing features available in Language Studio. Combine translation processing and text analytics to solve complex linguistic and data processing challenges by integrating Workflow Studio features before, after or during translation.

A comprehensive set of linguistic features for understanding and manipulating text and data. Execute complex text-based workflows as part of the translation workflow or independently as a series of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks.

TMS Tools and Third-Party Integration

Connectors and pre-built integrations for many third-party applications and translation management systems are available off-the-shelf for immediate use.

Automated Drop Folders

Simply copy a file into a specified folder and it will be instantly translated and saved into another folder on completion. Drop Folders can also be used to trigger the execution of complex workflows and other tasks.

Supported Document Formats

  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word)
  • Open Office
  • Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • HTML and XML
  • Plain Text
  • TMX and XLIFF
  • Images and PDF
  • Many more...

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Data Automation Diagram

Customization Translation Steps

Language Studio is designed for complete control and flexibility. JavaScript rules can be applied directly to every step of the workflow, enabling complex functionality, transformations, and rules to be applied. LSTools provides embedded NLP functionality such as Language Identification, named entity recognition and sentiment analysis directly within the translation workflow.

Configurable Workflows

With LSScript and LSTools, locally executed and server executed workflows can be combined to manage complex tasks.

Easy and Fast Installation

  • Docker Container
  • Pre-trained off-the-shelf Industry engines
  • Be up and running in minutes

Translate Directly from Within Microsoft Office

Translate from Microsoft Office Ribbon Bar. Supports Microsoft Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, and Excel.
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office Ribbon Bar

Compliance Ready - Secure, Private and Accessible by Design

At Omniscien Technologies, we understand the value of data security and privacy, and the role that it plays in compliance. Language Studio is a world-class infrastructure platform designed to ensure that your data is secure and protected in all scenarios, easily meeting and exceeding GDPR and other similar regulatory compliance requirements.

Language Studio is deployed around the world in organizations that demand the highest levels of compliance, security, and data privacy. Trusted by banks and financial institutions, law firms, large multinational enterprises, governments, intelligence and defense departments, and many others, your organization can process data through Language Studio with peace of mind.

Secure By Design

Private, Secure and Encrypted

All customer data is stored encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, segregated by each client in different storage locations, transmitted via SSL, and further protected by an iron-clad contract that stipulates that your data and intellectual property will never be shared or used for any other purpose than it was intended. Security and data privacy are at the core of the design of the entire Language Studio platform.

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GDPR Compliant

Language Studio is GRPR compliant. We respect data privacy at every point of the process and ensure that data is protected and used only with the permission and the purpose that it was intended.

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Secure Cloud or On-Premises / Private Hosting

Language Studio is available in a range of deployment models to fit different business needs. Omniscien Secure Cloud, Private Cloud (AWS, Google, Azure, SAP, IBM, Oracle, etc.), on-premise or in your own private data center.

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WCAG 2.1 WAI-AAA Compliant

Language Studio Enterprise Translation Server is the only WCAG 2.1 WAI-AAA compliant enterprise-class translation platform and is designed to be accessible by everyone, irrespective of disabilities and age.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) are developed through the W3C process in cooperation with individuals and organizations around the world, with a goal of providing a single shared standard for web content accessibility that meets the needs of individuals, organizations, and governments internationally.

Secure by Design

Security best practices are enforced by the architecture design and then used as guiding principles for developers. Omniscien products are built around and designed the following 3 core pillars of information security in mind:

  • Confidentiality – only allow access to data for which the user is permitted
  • Integrity – ensure data is not tampered or altered by unauthorized users
  • Availability – ensure systems and data are available to authorized users when they need it

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